Tomorrow is the day

I cannot believe it’s almost here.

Over the weekend I got a bit overwhelmed and worried. I saw rain was in the forecast for Wednesday. Between Mom and I we would have my Equniox and she in Joe’s truck [without a topper] so I thought it might be wise to get a UHaul. I decided on a 9-foot cargo van. After some back and forth in my own head, I decided to pick it up Monday morning.

Yes, I am paying for movers to do a bulk of the moving, but there was some stuff I wanted to easily load for Mom and I to get put away on Wednesday after I close, and when the carpet cleaners are there. Plus we need to go to my step-brother’s and grab the shelving – that would need a truck of some sort. I’m glad I decided to get it yesterday so I could take the day loading it.

My living room is looking much more empty, and felt like I could breathe a bit. I got the kitchen cleaned up and a few more cupboards packed.

The condo is being shown at 4 today, so I wanted to make it look a bit more presentable. However they have to know that I am moving so it isn’t all put together.

Final walk through at the new house is tonight at 6:30, so I figure after that I’ll load as much as I can in my Eqionox so we’ll just have to drive over! Mom is planning on meeting me at the new place about 11:30, then we’ll unload and do what needs done. The carpet cleaners will be there at 4, they said it wouldn’t take long, maybe an hour.

I’m thinking that I might even go get the paint to do the entry way — we shall see! I might want to hold off on painting until after the movers?

I was wide awake at 5:30 this morning and figure I won’t be able to sleep much tonight either. I will have internet at the new place on Thursday afternoon. I’m sleeping at the old place on Wednesday night cuz that’s where my bed will be. It seemed forever away and now it’s tomorrow.

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