It happened. The tears came.

I participated in a team meeting with my Scentsy team tonight; and when Amy popped on she made a comment that this was the last time in my current office. And it hit me.

The meeting went well, then I signed off and all the emotions came. Look, I was so anxious to get out of the tiny apartment and move here, and I am incredibly excited to move to my own house. But I’ve had some great memories in this condo.

I started dating Adam shortly before I moved in here and a few years later, broke up with him. Shawn and Jaiden got to come stay with me a lot, and it was much more comfortable than the first time they came up [okay, he was a tiny little baby but still].

After the break up with Adam I feel like I grew a lot, personally. I feel like while it sucked, I have learned a lot more about myself, and have learned to love me more [which I still have a million miles to go in this trek].

I have spent a lot of time in this office. Endless hours with my Scentsy besties. Many hours on Zoom. [We used it long before it grew in popularity due to Covid]. Many hours on Marco Polo, the greatest app for keeping in touch with said Scentsy besties.

My business has grown by leaps and bounds in this office. I have taken it from a hobby to a business. Sure my personal team has grown and shrank and gone through a lot of changes. I wouldn’t be in this place had I not had great customers that kicked my Scentsy journey into a business.

I’ve cried a lot here. I’ve laughed a lot here. I’ve purchased a lot of adult things here; decor, kitchen things, hell even a Christmas tree that I’m exited to find a spot for in the new house. I’ve read A LOT of books here. I have grown closer with my close friends living here. I’ve grown closer with my mom since living here.

Am I going to miss this place, nah. I’m glad I landed here for 4 1/2 years. I’m excited to hand it over to whomever is next.

It will be bittersweet handing the keys over, but I just know I’ll create some amazing memories in my own house starting in 5 days. Let’s fucking go.

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