Laundry Room – Upstairs Update Ideas

As mentioned previously, the house is turn key. I’ve got some extra money set aside to make the place “mine”. There are a few updates I will be making this fall / winter to do just that.

These are photos from the appraiser and the realtor photo of my laundry room. It’s upstairs at the top of the stairs, between the rooms. It will really be great + force me to put laundry away.

Currently the washer + dryer are on pedestals and while I know they are expensive and nice, I have something else in mind. I plan on first getting rid of that closet wire shelf!

Before I show you my inspiration photos, I want to explain that I do have one decent sized linen closet near the full bathroom. I just don’t have a place for cleaning supplies and what not upstairs. Not that I am incapable of grabbing what I need downstairs… just the thought you know.

So I plan on mounting two cabinets – likely on either side of the wall so there is space between for some shelves, and putting a shelf below the cabinets. I want the shelf to be deep, so it covers most of the top of the washer + dryer. For a few reason. I want to not drop things between the machines, and have a place to fold laundry! [and let’s be honest, leave it!]. Also to note, if you didn’t see above, they are front loaders so I don’t need to worry about keeping the top accessible. The cabinets will house the cleaning supplies and such. Maybe some extra toilet paper, just “utility room” type stuff, I guess.

Here are a few inspiration photos:

A few things first — the walls are cream SW Kilim Beige to be exact and the trim is a darker brown. The cabinets will be stained a darker brown of some sort. I know white is all the rage but I’m just not a fan. And I’m not messing with wallpaper or anything, so you can ignore that!

In the first photo I love that they have a tension rod between the two cabinets to hang things! I love that they have some blanket storage at the top.

In the second photo I like the idea of the cabinets in the middle, then shelves on either side it seems like more shelf space. And you would just get one large double cabinet vs two, and it appears that there is more shelving space; but you loose the tension rod to hang things… I like that the washer and dryer are pushed to one side and there’s room for hamper. I’m not sure I have that much room but I could for sure try for that, for a trash can of sorts. I do think having a trash in there would be important!

In the third photo — I love the shelf over — even if they are mismatched brands; but real life! I love the baskets above and in between the cabinets. Would the barn door / sliding door be a waste though if you just keep that side “shut” for most of the time, is the look worth the extra money, as I’m sure they are pricey. They also look shorter. I’m sure I could buy longer ones.

Out loud thoughts… the cabinets are $85/each, the shelves wouldn’t cost much – I would stain them the same color as the cabinets. I have a friend of the family who is a handyman who could help me with the install. I’m shooting for spending $500-750 on this, with a bulk of it being the labor. If my brother or Red could help then it will just be for parts, my time staining things, and a few cases of beer! I’m hoping to do this pretty quickly and make it a bit more functional! it will work for the time being.

2 thoughts on “Laundry Room – Upstairs Update Ideas

  1. My 2 cents…you definitely need a garbage can of some sort, even if it’s just a little one, for the dryer lint. They make slim line type cabinets/drawers to go in between your machines to provide more storage and eliminate the space in between some even have a “counter” on top. You might be able to find one to fit but it’s hard to tell from the pictures how much room is actually there. Something like this maybe,

    I also stumbled on this:

    Hopefully those links work…haha! If not I just typed “between washer and dryer” into Amazon.

    As far as the inspiration pictures, I think you’d get the most bang for your buck out of the first one. Having a hanging bar would be super handy! I love the size of the shelf in the 2nd picture but the looks of the shelf in the 3rd. I like the look of the barn boards in the 3rd but those small shelves on the sides just look like a waste of space.

    I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to see how you make this house your home!!


    1. The links worked! The trash for the lint is the HUGE reason I want the trash, no point in having to take all those extra steps to a room over to put the link in there, hah!

      The first image is the one I’ve had my heart set on for a while I was just looking at other options. I am hoping I can show Russell S what I have in mind and he can help me bring it to fruition! So glad to have a friend of the family who is handy.

      I, too, think I’ll have the most storage space to utilize with the first one. The barn doors are nice looking but the size is small. THANK YOU!

      It’s getting close, but I had a little time to figure out what I wanted and plan / budget!


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