Half Bathroom – Main Floor Update Ideas.

I’ve said my place is turn key, move in ready; and it is. I’m removing a door to the entry way, painting over the pale green color that it is, and getting the garage painted. The door to the entry way seems silly to have. The entry way itself is small but very functional, and I don’t care for the color so I can easily paint it. The garage — it’s ready to be painted so it makes sense to do so when it’s empty.

The two other things I want to do that aren’t overly expensive but I want to get done and will make a big difference is I want to update the half bath downstairs; a new vanity and add a shelf behind the toilet. I might paint in there but I might not. It’s the same cream as most of the house is, so it will work with what I have in mind. I’ll share about the laundry room later this week.

I really just don’t care for the sink that is in there and there needs to be some sort of storage for toilet paper and maybe an extra box of kleenex or something under the vanity.

I am hoping to get one of those shelves with the industrial pipes and wood shelves for behind the toilet, so I’m hoping to find a vanity that matches the aesthetic I am going for.

It’s going to be the bathroom most used by guests; I’m guessing it’ll be under $1000 for everything. [Hopefully less, I’d rather spend under $500 for the vanity… that’ll be the most expensive piece] I can save for a few months and be ready to go on this. Hopefully I can ask Luke or my cousin Red to help me set / install the vanity! Mine is set up that you sit on the toilet and look at the vanity. I don’t have room measurements because that would have been smart to get!

This is a horrible photo from the appraiser of the half bath as you enter. ALSO; the walls were to be touched up prior to my buying. Final walk-through is Tuesday evening!
A better photo of the half bath from the realtor. Per the inspector the sink is not super secure and the pedestal of it is not affixed so if tiny hands were to grab it, it could topple.

And this is the aesthetic I am leaning towards as it would flow well with the rest of the main level:

I’ve kind of thought of doing a pallet wall behind the toilet, but also don’t know how much work goes into it. I kind of thought maybe even painting one wall a fun color, but I feel like the stormy blue as an accent in this room would be too much. I kind thought maybe a lighter olive green. I wouldn’t want it to be too dark, but I think a fun pop of color would be nice; maybe if I did that behind the toilet. Thankfully there’s a Sherwin-Williams in town!

Would love any input, comments, ideas, whatever you may have!

2 thoughts on “Half Bathroom – Main Floor Update Ideas.

  1. I hate pedestal sinks – what a waste of usable space!! I also LOVE your inspiration picture! I think the accent wall is an excellent idea; I think either color would work but personally love the idea of the olive.

    Pallets are (in my opinion) a huge pain in the ass to work with. First and foremost, splinters galore! I’d look into buying “pallet like” wood and possibly going that route.


    1. I’m guessing the sink was a cheap option to “update”. In the other house I looked at in this grouping didn’t have this type of sink. For $500ish I can switch it to something I like. I’m set now on the olive green. I just need some swatches to see it on the wall!

      Yah, the pallet wall seems like a mess. I could get some wood and stain a few diff colors to give the aged / pallet look but be smooth!!


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