hello, my name is: furious!

I had the day off today, one of my unpaid days. I had an appointment to get my Scentsy vinyl on the back window of the Equinox. My appointment was at 8 and I was out of there by 8:25. Auto Toyz for the win.

I had all the motivation in the world that I was going to pack today. I tell ya, the motivation is NOT there. I did call and get my utilities all switched and started. I’m moving 4 blocks; and am going from Linn Co REC to Alliant for electric; but all good. I have a $54 credit at Alliant from my tiny apartment 5 years ago!

I crawled in bed about 10:45, read for a while, then took a little nap; because it was easier than packing!

I had to call Dad’s money guy who helped with the facilitation of the selling of my stock. I signed the paperwork 8/7, and was told it would be 10-14 days for the money to be deposited. It wasn’t there on Thursday, 8/20; he said to call back on Tuesday [today] 8/25 and he would look further into it. He had to connect me in on a conference call to the Stock Sale Company [I don’t know their names, so this will work] and I need to sign a paper, that’s not yet been sent to me, have it notarized and write them a check for $240 because Dad lost my original certificates so I had to buy new ones. I’m to have this paperwork by 9/2, then send it back and when they get it, it’ll be 5-10 days. Needless to say I was [and still am] pretty fucking livid.

I am not going to have the money in time for the closing, very likely. It does not keep me from buying the house but mother fuck if it doesn’t piss me off and put a huge wrench in the plans. Of course Dad seemed pretty nonchalant about it.

I first vented to my Mom, mostly upset because this will change the course of things for the new house a bit. Then I vented to Luke because he’s an amazing listener, and finally my great friend Meagan, because she’s just amazing.

In the middle of this, I went to the dentist – it was weird but also felt safe. I really didn’t expect to have my teeth polished as my boss said they wouldn’t polish hers, but they did mine! I love love love this dentist and the amazing hygienists there.

To add some cherries on this fucked up afternoon ice cream… I got an email from my lease company that I owed $12 for the replacement of burner pans. After I quickly went to my kitchen to see that yep, my burner pans are still pretty dirty [they will be changed for the new ones when I moved out, I’m not a monster] I called the office and they can’t figure it out. I suggested that I could send pictures. Then I said “while I have you on the phone, I’ve not heard anything about the subleasing of my place” I had to resend the paperwork, and tell them the check number of the check they cashed a month ago I was a little snippy with the very kind Eleanor who helped me. After I resent the paperwork to her personal email, I think sent another email apologizing for being snippy with her. She sent me a kind note back.

The upside, she did say that there is a wait list for my complex and it’s the only 2 bedroom / 2 bathroom available in town. Which is very promising. It would be a huge weight lifted off my shoulders to have this place sublet. I would love to not have to pay rent + mortgage and utilities at two places.

I took a bath and calmed down a bit, now I’ve got some trashy TV on that is Counting On [Duggar fam train wreck] and hope to be crawling in bed soon.

I just keep repeating, it will all work out. Things will be okay. It’s just a tense time between packing up this place [or lack thereof] + moving. Today, my emotions got the best of me. I feel like I wasted today, so I’m vowing to get some packing done this week after work, and Saturday!

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