I called the place I found my couch + love seat to let them know that I was still interested, but at the moment, didn’t have a debit card due to fraud. She let me know that the set I wanted sold. In a bit of a panic, I checked a few other places.

I went to Slumberland, shockingly no one asked me if I needed any help; so I found a different style and liked it and the color. Since no one wanted to help me, I left.

I checked a few other places, and found the set I want, and the color I liked [this is a different style than the original] and bought it, and it can be delivered before I go back to work the week I’m moving. The problem with other places is, due to COVID, it’s taking 8-12 weeks to get them in if you were to order it.

This is the set, it looks a lot less frumpy, still comfy and a bit more solid color. In this photo it looks like two different colors, but they are the same it’s the lighting.

I will figure out the dining room table after I get moved. I hope to go back to the first furniture store and get the one I liked ordered, but I’m not as concerned about that as I was furniture!

A friend is supposed to be buying my current love seat + recliner, I thought maybe this weekend; might still grab it tomorrow. I’m okay if they wait another weekend!

I’m feeling kinda crummy, dumb sinuses so I think I’ll go finish my book and probably call it a night early!

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