Dreaming of a Doggy!

When I got Turbo, I had the name picked out before I even met him. The lady who we got him from [he was only a few months old + too much for her to handle] he ran in circles like a wildman. He hat the zoomies. I’m fairly certain I said “whoa there Turbo” and it just stuck.

I have three names picked out for a new puppy. I want to see how it fits their personality. Two I think are more male, and one is probably more female but it would work for both.

I have zero shame; I have Instagram profiles for the three names I have picked out. I started to follow #Poochon and #Bichpoo just you know to gawk until I can buy.

I’m still set that I need to wait, it’s the smart thing to do. I know this, but man; I have puppy fever!

Happy weekend, friends. I have a whole lot of packing planned, and I’m determined to get most of it done. I don’t have a debit card [fraud, again] so that takes away a lot of the online shopping I had planned!

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