Puppy… sometime in the next year!

I have been quite transparent that during this pandemic I have switched gears largely to buy a house for a big reason of getting a puppy.

I mourned the loss of Turbo for quite some time. It was 3 years in June that he was gone. It seems like forever. He truly was the best thing for me while dealing with all the seizure crap.

That said, sometime around Easter when I was really struggling with the quarantine thing, I flipped the switch of rent for a while longer to buy; mostly to help me “get through” quarantining alone.

I had a red Cocker Spaniel growing up; Copper. She was one helluva dog. We got her when I was little, maybe around Kindergarten. I was in 8th grade when we had to put her down. Then Turbo; a Bichon Frise. He wasn’t fancy so we called him a “Bitchin’ Frizzy”. I was set that I would get a Cavachon [mix of King Cavalier Spaniel and Bichon] and I want an apricot (reddish) one. The more I look at breeders, the more I’m leading towards a Poochon or Bichpoo [same dog, Poodle / Bichon mix]. They are sometimes called the “Teddy Bear” dog. Before you jump down my throat about rescue vs buy; adopt don’t shop, please keep in mind that I have TERRIBLE allergies and I have to be 100% certain the dog I get is hypoallergenic. In the Poochon the hair is a bit more curly than in the Cavachon, and I like that curly hair. Maybe cuz I can sympathize.

Whatever dog I get, MUST have some Bichon in it. I am not opposed to another purebread, but am a bit nervous about the light / white skin that can cause allergies [much like Turbo]. The Bichon is VERY intelligent, and we all knew Turbo was just that. I am not worried about the grooming, it is what it is, a bit high maintenance!

If you were to ask me today, I’d get a Poochon.

Poochon on left. Cavachon on right.

I’m just ready to be in, settled, and wait for Spring so I can get one! Many are asking why not get it right away and train it even in winter so he/she will like the snow. While I appreciate that and hope it will like the snow, winter adds at least 25 miles to my commute. Kennel training a puppy in the winter isn’t fair. Their little bladder isn’t big enough. I refuse to use puppy pads.

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