3 weeks til the move!

I’ve got confirmation that the movers can come a day earlier! I am really having a hard time concentrating at work… all I think about is the new house. What I need to get for the new place, all the things.

Work isn’t super busy, so I feel like I have some idle time. I can’t really listen to a podcast / music / book until my boss leaves at 4. Not because she won’t allow it, but her office is right behind mine, and we do a lot of talking from our desks to each other.

I feel like I’m stuck with what I can buy for the new house for a bit… because I need measurements and need to be there to get a feel for what I need. And I really shouldn’t be spending much more money for a bit. I need to wait til the stock money gets deposited into my account. Which could be any day now.

I feel like the big kick has come to finish some packing. I’ve got a friend buying the love seat + recliner this weekend, hopefully. I’m a little bummed about this as I do sit in the recliner a lot, but I can manage for a few weeks without. Plus, more room for boxes!

I never realized how much I sat at my counter and ate a meal, until after I sold the stools. I’m sure I will realize the same when the furniture is sold. Mostly because of the clothes that I fold and leave on the love seat. But hey… I’m an adult now, so I should learn to put it away.

While my office is a hot mess, I’ve still got customers supporting me. I cannot wait to get my office set up, a little bit of a fresh start, and get things rolling for the fall. I have felt a bit out of sorts, and still do, but it’s not keeping me from supporting my customers. I’m just okay with the chaos.

I just want to close on the house and get things going. The nearly 60 day close date has been forever, and another 21 days will not be bad. I have plenty to do at home to lead up to this. I have packing to finish up, some cleaning to do, plenty of opportunities to social distance with friends. I’ll blink and it’ll be here.

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