I had to get a COVID-19 test.

My allergies have been making me pretty miserable as of late. I tossed and turned last night til about 3am. I went into work as usual, but thought I might have a sinus infection. It’s been 8 months [since surgery, and last infection!] so I was feeling pretty bummed.

I had decided to do an e-visit through my hospitals Quick Care. It was all set up for my lunch at 11:20 and went well. She agreed that because of my history of chronic sinus infections we should treat it as such, got some meds. Then she said it, have you been exposed to anyone with COVID? I said not that I was [and still am] taking it very seriously so it’s mostly work and home. She said that unfortunately there are a lot of similar symptoms, that I needed to leave work right now and go drive up and get a test.

Because my car was in the parking lot, and I was “presumed positive” I couldn’t walk down there… I had the test done at 12:15; it was not pleasant at all. I think it’s quite similar to the whopping cough test – which I’ve been tested for a few times.

My eyes watered for a good 10 minutes after. I stopped to pick up the antibiotics, and was home for the day.

I got a text from the realtor that the sellers want to move the close date up one day; to Wednesday, September 9th; was I okay with that. I said sure. I got the paperwork formally signed for that and took a nap and crashed hard!

I was able to call the carpet cleaners and get that switched a day earlier. I’m waiting to hear back from the moving company. If they cannot switch that’s fine I’ll just spend Wednesday and Thursday getting what I can move until the movers on Friday. It’ll be nice cuz I’ll just go back to work on Tuesday and instead of Wednesday. Which will be just fine.

It was about 8 and I got a notification from the app that there was a new test result:


Thank goodness. I was getting so worried as I have been SO good with precautions. Hell I was almost in tears when I had to tell my boss and coworker I had to leave to get a test.  I was just about to crawl in bed and call it a night then I got the notification and of course now that I’m not as anxious; I’m not feeling the need to crawl in bed, although I’m still yawning!

I know that a good nights sleep will do me wonders. My nose doesn’t seem as stuffed up tonight but it seems to get worse when I lay down. Here’s hoping the antibiotics kick in!

Okay… I must go to bed.


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