Friday update

I think these updates are more for me to look back on in the years to come…

I picked up my new-to-me car; a 2018 Equinox. I’ve never had a car this new. It was either sink about 4k worth of money into it for some repairs and upkeep or trade it in. I was given one helluva deal with my trade in and with what I was able to pay in cash made this the best option.

I have signed all the paperwork to sell my stock [the entire reason for my being able to buy the house + new car] as of yesterday.

I have been slowly picking up a few things for the new house as they are on sale.

I got a helluva deal on a Ring doorbell camera that came with an Amazon Show for free, and the Ring was even on sale! The floor mat for the garage I had been eyeing was half off, so obviously I had to snag that. Yes, I’ve got a pile of stuff that’s new that needs to be moved to the new place but I’m refusing to pay full price and when it’s on sale or I have a kick ass coupon, you better believe I’m buying it. Obviously I’m buying smart.  I’m not sure if I shared here, but instead of buying some art for my bedroom, I made some! I created a few of my favorite reading quotes in Canva, then had them printed on blueprint sized paper at Staples, and got half priced frames at Michael’s, and put it in there. You can’t really tell it’s just paper. It’ll look nice.

I’m going to go look at furniture this weekend; just locally. I think in a week or two I’ll head to Des Moines to see what’s at Homemakers. Unless Mom and I decide on a whim to go on Sunday.

With the help of my good friends Meagan and Emily they’ve been helping with some decor and design.  Meagan is in California so most of our stuff is via the Marco Polo app and Emily is an hour away in the Quad Cities, so a lot of texting. It’s nice to have their input!

I have it lined up to have the garage painted the afternoon I get possession; and the will be able to change my locks too [of it isn’t covered under my home owner’s warranty!]

I feel really weird saying this – but I had someone come to give me an estimate to clean my current place, after I move out. I have someone lined up for quotes tonight, Monday and Tuesday! It just seems ritzy or braggy to say it. I just know that it’ll be one last thing I don’t want to have to worry about.

The first person was EXPENSIVE! $40/hour and she said it would take 10-12 hours. I have 980 square feet. I’m not a sloppy person! I’m like that’s more than an hour per 100 square foot. I’m anxious to see what the other quotes come back as. The place will be empty.

I’m sure this next month is going to both drag and fly at the same time. I haven’t done much in the means of packing this week at all. I hope to tackle my office this weekend. Especially if we don’t go to Des Moines.

Better grab some lunch…


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