A weekend with no plans

I was asleep by 11 last night and up and on the road to WL by 7:25 this morning. I was going to test drive a car, it wasn’t even the one I thought it was going to be. Yes, I’m almost 38 and still have Joe come with me to scope it out. My dealership has always treated me right and be fair. They aren’t out to fuck you over. But I still had Joe go with me.

We took it for a spin, and then noticed it was a 2018. We went in and talked some numbers, and I said sold. Joe thought it was a little too fast. So I said I’ll call Mom and she what she thinks. Done deal, mostly. They need to do an oil change, put new tires on and I’ll sign the papers on Tuesday. I’ve never had this new of a vehicle.  But it was the smart thing to do vs sinking money into what I have.

I did absolutely no packing today. I did clean both my bathrooms. I lined up two different cleaning service to come give me a quote for a “final clean” of this place after I move out.  I’ve ordered a few things for the new place.

Kind of made a plan for how I want to do the laundry room — I’m taking the washer + dryer off the pedestals, and adding a shelf, and a few cupboards on either side of the wall, then a shelf between those two. Then I’ll put a rod between the two shelves for a place to hang some shirts if need be!

I started to watch The Morning Show; the first episode was kind of slow and the second one isn’t keeping my attention. I think I’m just going to say screw it and crawl in bed to read.

No plans tomorrow. I’m staring at about 10 empty boxes that I could pack up, but I’m putting it off. I just keep thinking 5 weeks is a long time to live with the bare bones, but then I realize this time is going to fly. There are things that I can live without and pack up for a little while.



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