Your weekly ‘Jess Buys A House’ Update

It’s been a while since I’ve wrote so I’m sure you’d love to hear more House Adventures!

I’ve been packing little by little. I’m dreading my office. Mostly because we start a new catalog on Saturday and heading into the fall with Scentsy is busy season. But because of COVID, we have been busy since April! I am not complaining, it’s just hard to know what I need to absolutely keep out. A lot of things can stay in the baskets and totes they are in, but some stuff needs to just be boxed up.

I have warmers on display on my desk that need to be boxed up and put in a storage tote.  I really just need to start doing that, and get the closet packed up. A majority of my office will be loaded up into my Equinox and taken over and stored in the dining room until the carpets are cleaned + dried.

A few new things. I’m going to have the garage painted. Tony has a sprayer I can use if I don’t end up hiring it done. I just noticed that there’s a ceiling fan in here, which is nice! I’ll figure out how I’m going to get it done but I’ll plan on doing it before winter, for sure because it would be nice to do it when there isn’t much in the garage!

Garage 2
Photo from the realtors website – contents in the garage are not mine

I bought stain to refinish the crate bookshelves that are in my office. I have to buy a sander [I have one in mind, but it’ll be nice to have on hand for some little DIY projects!] The grey my Dad picked doesn’t quite match but I found one that’s a bit closer. I obviously have time.  Considering I have a two car garage and can throw down a tarp, I will gladly do some tinkering.

The deck needs to be stained by the end of March 2021, and I’m guessing the current owners are not going to do it prior to closing.

I’m heading to Tony’s tonight to get more boxes but honestly I think I’m going to have plenty after this trip – which seem weird to say.  I think after this weekend I’ll really have a better look at what I need. I’ve been doing a damn good job of selling things. I sold my bookshelf last night. I might have some more to sell as we go.  I am already feeling like my place is a disaster but I just keep thinking, pack it up, mark the boxes, make neat piles and the next 43 days will fly by!


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