Damn allergies

I finished a vial of allergy shots, and started a new one; but because of that I had to be off antihistamines for a week between. It was hell. I went early and got my shot Thursday, normally I go on Friday but I was off and one less day of miserableness!

I did order that trunk from this post  I  chose the color provincial, which you can see in the coat hook / shelf below – it will match.  I’m not sure if there is any electrical in this little area, but there is room enough for a warmer to fit in here!  The guy who I ordered the trunk from says it’ll take about 6 weeks so we are going to make sure it ships to the new place. I’m excited. I think I need to find a fun piece of art to go on top of this, maybe a piece of art that says “HOME” with the O that’s the state of Iowa. I’m sure I’ll find something!


We wrapped up the Scentsy Convention, virtually Friday evening. It was pretty amazing how they did it all, considering how quickly they had to switch it. It didn’t feel the same but the flip side, my great friend Meagan and I were able to have a watch party on Zoom and be able to talk to each other as we watched it. Then we were all chatting in our Scentsy Group’s FB group as things were announced and such, it was similar but not the same.  Next year will be in Charlotte, NC and I’m excited to go! Hopefully it’ll be safe to travel by then.

I was exhausted, these allergies are kicking my ass, so I was in bed by 9:15 and asleep by 9:30; and I slept til about 7:30. I got up and did a few things, then was back in bed by 8:30 and slept til 11:45. I was shocked!  I laid down for a bit this afternoon and read but didn’t really sleep.  I’ve packed a little bit, mostly my Scentsy warmers that I have in stock. I packed up my antique secretary, and my hoodies. I for sure didn’t do anything in order.

I think tomorrow I’m going to tackle some of my decor that I can pack up, pictures and everything on the walls. I can pack up some bathroom stuff that I won’t be needing.

I had a few people tell me that it seems a bit early to pack, but really it’s only a month and a half away. Between the day job, and a busy time coming up with Scentsy; the new catalog comes out in a week, which kicks off the busy fall selling season, the time is going to fly. I’m sure it’ll seem to go slow too, but if I just get it started now, it won’t seem so overwhelming!

My oldest stepbrother, Tony sent me a message last night to swing over this weekend and check out the shelving in his garage to see if it might work in my new garage. I’m hoping to swing by his place tomorrow.

I have booked carpet cleaning. I am waiting to hear back from the moving company, originally I booked the day of the closing, but then asked to switch to the day after. Here’s hoping that will work. It’s 10, and I’m getting tired, so I think it’s time to turn in.


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