Inspection Complete

The inspection is done! My Mom was able to meet me there, which was nice but also kind of interesting. Her style and mine do not mesh, obviously… I’m 30 years younger. I only reminded her once “good thing, this is my house, not yours”.  For example,  while the pedestals are nice on the washer and dryer, my idea is to remove them and then get a shelf built to go over top and maybe add a second so I can add a few cupboards for storage space. With the pedestals now I can’t really reach much above them. Even though I have double the square footage, it would be nice to have some laundry room-esque storage space. It’s upstairs so it would be nice to be able to keep some cleaning stuff for the bathrooms and such.  Obviously the idea to add shelving and cupboards is a “as money allows” project.

Overall it was good, the inspection didn’t yield anything too major, going to have an HVAC tech come inspect the heater and AC just as a precaution, not out of necessity.

I got all of my mortgage paperwork finalized, on my end!

I was wide awake about 3:30 with some dumb allergy stuff. I’m starting a new vial of shots this week, so I cannot take any antihistamines, and as luck would have it, allergies are crappy. Lots of sneezing, itchy, watery eyes. I just wake up feeling pretty miserable.

I found the solution, I think to the entry way – I kept looking for a storage bench, but what I really needed to look for was a trunk. I found one on Etsy, and sent it to Luke. I’m hoping if I buy the materials, he can cut the wood, and assemble it for me, then I can stain it.  Then I’ll either have him do the same for a shelf / coat hook or I’ll buy one that I like in a similar wood color.  I’m kind of toying with the idea of a mirror across from the bench / coat hooks, something like this? I think it might be fun, plus its kind of nice to give yourself one last glance before you head out?  [Hobby Lobby sku: 1666353]


The problem is the area is a bit narrow only 36 inches, so I’m thinking it needs to be about 34 inches. I’m hoping for a trunk option so I can throw shoes in there and keep them hidden, but also be able to sit on it and put them on.

I think I’ve decided, with the help of other that I’ll paint the whole thing the same cream color as the majority of the house and do one wall the light navy blue that the spare room is —  as of now there is quite a bit of paint left in the garage. I do know they are planing on touching up spots prior to my taking possession, so I think that’ll be a fun “pop” of color to make it kind of fun.

Here is the entry way — the door will be removed; seems silly to keep it on! And the blue paint similar to the spare room upstairs will be used to do an accent wall.

The picture of a trunk that I got from Etsy, I want something like this — this is a bit too wide, but the same concept.

I did notice that the next door neighbor had a Ring camera, so I can get one of those.

I will have to do a little caulking in the upstairs master bathroom but that’s simple.

The downstairs half bath / powder room the sink wasn’t attached super well, but she said it wasn’t super important. That’s the first room that’ll be an actual project. It has a pedestal sink, so I’m hoping to replace it with a vanity. Again, it shouldn’t be that expensive. I will probably just do a shelf, behind the toilet and a new vanity / sink combo.

The bottom piece isn’t attached and the sink bowl is a little wobbly. No storage.

My TV will fit on the mantle… but now I have to figure out if I saved the feet for it? My gut tells me I did not. But it looks like I might be able to buy them on Amazon. Good grief.

Okay, I’m getting sleepy again so maybe I can sleep for a few more hours before getting back up to start the day.


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