Some help on curtain + paint color?

In typical dorky fashion. I have a spreadsheet of my wishlist items + if you must know, item needed, price and store [which might include a link].

My flooring downstairs is a really pretty wood! I think it comes off a little yellow in the photos but in person it’s got a bit of a grey hue to it, but it’s for sure a worn wood look. It matches the kitchen cupboards + trim really well.

I will need to get curtains for the living room + dining room, and likely a rug — some of the first things I will buy! What color would you pick? I like the longer look I’m not sure the greyish blue they have here. But I’m not sure a bright color would work either? I’m hoping for an industrial / farmhouse vibe; based off some decor + lamps I already have.

Real Estate Photo:  But my current love seat + recliner are also dark brown

This piece of art is on my wishlist – but it won’t be for a while to go in the living room or maybe the dining room. I love love love it, but even at $45 it’s going to sit on the back burner, and the same for this fun piece.

The entry way, is a nice little spot where it’s that ugly pastel green color – I will paint that after everything is moved in, and remove the white closet-like shelf. No use painting until everything is hauled in.  I am planning on just removing that door as there really is no need for it. But I want to do one fun colored / accent wall in here. The counters are grey in the kitchen, and I likely will have a darker / rustic wood bench / coat rack situation to maybe match color-wise to the cabinets [don’t you think that would look best]  I was thinking maybe a red, but toned down not in a pink way but more of a muted red, think faded. Or maybe a lighter navy – like in one of the upstairs bedrooms.  Thoughts?

Real Estate Photo:  Edited with words on the doors  to explain what is what. The trim looks almost like honey oak here, but it is a darker brown, more to match the cupboard. Bad lighting.


I’m anxious to measure the entry way section so I can be on the look out for what I want bench / storage and coat hook wise. I suppose I’ll put some sort of rug in there as money allows that will tie in with the accent wall.

Fridge is magnetic, so I can put some sort of calendar / memo board of sorts there to cover up that little dent! An ice maker, I’m in love!

I’m excited that Mom is going to meet me at the house when they do the inspection so she can look around and “help” me measure, not that I really need her help; but her blessing is always great!

Part of me didn’t want to post this until after I had pictures of the entry way from a different angle, and the realtor pictures didn’t really capture it at all. But maybe someone will share some insight!


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