A little time to let it sink in

It took me forever to fall asleep last night; way too excited.  But then today I woke up thinking what the fuck? Not in a bad way but just broadly.

I had reached out to my landlord to get a copy of my lease – I signed on doc loop, and it wouldn’t let me access it. I finally got it after emailing a few different emails, but the termination of lease isn’t quite clear. I just wrote back and asked how I go about breaking it, that I would be out 9/30.

I feel like because everything else was smooth, this is going to be the rocky part.  But I’m trying to not beat myself up about it too much until I hear back.

I went into work and asked to be off at noon on Wednesday for the Inspection, and it was approved but then I realized that I have Thursday and Friday off as well, so I might see about leaving at 2 on Wednesday as I just found out I don’t need to be to the house until 3.  I don’t need to be there during the whole thing but I do want to measure a few spots!  I’m also going to take a note book over with measurements of some of my furniture.

I posted a photo of my honey oak bedroom furniture that I am so over the color of. It was popular when I bought it 18 years ago, but I’m over it. My friend Em has experience so I think she’s going to help me with the bookshelf then if that works I’ll tackle the headboard and dresser!

I had a million people tell me all these things I “need” to do, but good thing I wasn’t asking for their opinions on that. It’s amazing that they offer their unsolicited opinions on something I didn’t ask for.  But I did get some good input on what I did ask for!

For years I’ve had a wishlist on Amazon called “Home | Someday” that I have added to as time goes on. I’ve been adding a few more things to it now.

I am anxious to get in and take measurements of the entry way that’s the awful pale green color. I’m thinking about painting it a light light grey [that’ll match with the flooring] with one wall a color – it’s a small area so I can have fun with it. I’ve found a coat hook thingy that I like but I’m wondering if I could find a bench to match the same wood or if it would just be wise to buy both pieces together.  I will be removing the white closet type shelf from this, and hope to have this entry way bench / coat hook thing is my first and only “big” purchase for a while.

I know that the house will be pretty bare, especially downstairs, until I have some money saved up to buy the stuff for it. Until I figure out how it’ll be finance wise through the months and get a little saved back up it’ll be okay.

Wishlist [priority, as finances allow]:

  • dining room table + bench / chairs
  • rug for under dining room
  • new light for dining room
  • rug for living room
  • couch for living room [or living room set]
  • bed frame for the spare bedroom [when I replace my mattress, mine will go here]
  • new mattress for my bed

I am guessing IKEA isn’t open anytime soon, but I know that I plan on making a trip there – already let Em know that we’re going to make a trip. Might have to make a weekend of it and stay the night vs driving there and back the same day.

Everyone keeps asking when I will get a puppy. I would love to say soon, but the honest answer is, I need to get a bit saved back, for all the things + unexpected things that may come up with a dog. If I learned anything about that with Turbo, it’s that unexpected things will come up. At first I was thinking next Spring, getting through winter, but then I realized I will be hopefully heading to the annual Scentsy conference in late July / early August, so I was thinking late summer but honestly I think I’ll just know when the time is right; but I’d like to avoid housebreaking a dog in the winter if possible!

Everything will fall into place, in time. I just might not want to have visitors over for a few years!


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