Holy shit, crazy last 24 hours!

What a whirlwind of a day.  I will explain more but here goes:

July 14th

  • 6:00 After some issues with my car between Joe + I we decided it’s time to just trade in the car vs repairing it. Might have to put the house hunt on hold.
  • 8:45  Realtor Erin sends me a text “just sent you a new listing, it’s perfect”
    • it’s exactly what I want, make an appointment to see it 7/15 at 5:45 right after work
  • 9:00 Discuss with Mom, somehow we will figure it out with the car, look at the place and make an offer if you feel it’s right
  • 9:15 Email Erin – I’m 95% sure I am going to make an offer!

July 15th

  • Somehow I did manage to sleep through the excitement, but was up early
  • Went to work, got there a bit early
  • Called the car dealership told them to start looking for a new-to-me Equinox
  • Worked, talked to coworker + boss, they both convinced me to leave early; they know houses are selling fast [like less than 24 hours]
  • Texting Realtor Erin, she writes up the offer all but the closing date and amount so we have the main stuff done just needing date, amount and my signature
  • 2:30 Look at it, love it
  • 3:15 Make an offer
  • 3:16-7:59 Decide it’s mine, add things to Amazon wish list, do busy work around the house, decide they didn’t accept it, make rice krispie treats,  take a bath, turn on laptop, phone alerts – text
  • Congrats FUTURE HOMEOWNER!  They accepted your offer!
  • Tears, excitement, texts to mom, call to Joe to talk to Mom, texts to a few friends.
  • Shock, awe, excitement, holy fuck what did I do!? Oh my gosh let’s do this thing!
  • 57 days to purge, pack and move!
  • Share on FB
  • Whoa, people are pumped. Let’s do this!
  • Somehow it’s 11 and I need to sleep but adrenaline is real.



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