Day with Mom

Mom texted me and asked me to call her, she thought I was sleeping, but I was up. She was on her way to run errands for the restaurant, and all the sudden her car started giving some warnings about the battery, She drove it right to the repair shop.

I met her there while she got checked in, then we went to Costco. I was a little nervous but everyone was required to wear masks and everyone did a good job, I thought! I wasn’t sure about going in, but I figured if we both went in, we could divide and conquer. We grabbed lunch, then went to Walmart, I dropped her at the door and picked her up, then took her to get the car.

I attempted to nap, but mostly just laid in bed and read. My evening has consisted of watching season 5 of Fuller House. I suppose I better watch the last season before my Netflix subscription runs out. I’m not quite sure I’m into my book, but not enough to quit it and start a new one.

I’ve washed the clothes in the washer three times now, so I really should at least fold what’s int he dyer so we don’t go for four times. Yep… I am that girl.

Okay I really should get off my ass and do this laundry.


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