The day of appointments.

Today is the first day of unpaid days off; and it’s going to cost me a lot of money. Not so much in the form of my paycheck, but in the form of all the things.

I started off with sleeping in, you know, until 7:00… I’m a rebel. I had a 6-month follow up with the ENT for my adenoid surgery, and to see how the allergy shots were going. Everything still looks good 6-months out. Ears, throat and sinus look good considering it’s the basically the worst time for anyone suffering allergies.  He’s okay with me continuing getting shots if I am okay with dealing with the local reactions and I’m not having any problems with breathing and my throat swelling. Which I’d rather push through that. I’m not sure I’ve ever gone this long with out an ear or sinus infection. Hell I haven’t even had a cold.   He said once I’m about a year into shots I could start doing them from home. I cannot wait.

I swung by and got those after my appointment, same building other side! Then I grabbed a quick bite, and stopped by HyVee for one of my grocery pick up orders. I got home and put it away and laid down for a bit. I didn’t really sleep. Now Im sitting in the waiting area of the shop getting the air conditioning fixed, again on the Equinox.

I was here two weeks ago, had the freon recharged, but it didn’t hold. They did it last year, but now they are checking to see if it might be a hose or something else, the condenser maybe. Either way, I fear it’ll be expensive.  Such is life, you get a little money saved up, then you gotta use it. My boss told me the other day that she was told you never really save money until you are in your 50’s — and she didn’t believe it until she was in her 50’s and it was true. Guess I have 13 years left.

Then after this appointment, I have another grocery pick up at 6, different place. Yes… two places. It’s all in the name of budgeting! I like to get meat and some specifics at HyVee, then I can get other things at Walmart. I despise going into WalMart, but I will do grocery pick up there. I can add things like body wash and dish soap, things like that. I price compare between the two and add throughout the week between the adds. I even check at Target and see if I can get it via their Drive Up.  It takes a little time, but it’s a few different windows open, but when saves me $20 it’s worth it. That pays for a few months of Kindle Unlimited or half a tank of gas.

The upside of this small MacBook is that it’s easy to transport, I can use it here at the shop, makes waiting nice. I read a book not too long ago, the character was an author who wrote in a tire shop, it was based off the actual author truly doing so. Now the last two times I’ve been here, I’ve thought “I could be writing a book” .  Maybe someday… that’s a whole other blog post, I have thoughts!

Now that I’ve rambled enough I should wrap this up.


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