Another vacation, cancelled.

I’ve always been the one who does things that pisses everyone off, so nothing is new. Our family vacation to Florida originally in June was rescheduled to August, obviously due to Covid. No surprise there. Yes, I was looking forward to going to Siesta Key, so much. I did not know that my brother and wife were going to Nashville the week before. Cool for them, but they still plan on going. They get back Friday and we are to go to Florida Saturday morning.

I’ve told my Mom that I am not going to Florida, I just cannot. Even if, as of right now work does not have a policy in place that I would need to quarantine for two weeks after, I just don’t feel comfortable traveling. Sure the beaches are currently open but the numbers in Florida have skyrocketed, hell, even in Iowa. Aside from a fairly socially distanced family gathering on July 3rd, I’ve still pretty much stayed home. I’ve still only been in a grocery store twice since all of this – very safely, and have done grocery pick up — but I did this prior to Covid.

But for some reason my brother and his wife are still planning on going [and with a nurse friend of theirs… ] and think it’s okay. I think it’s the most irresponsible thing, and not only that but to hop into ANOTHER vacation with different people right after!?  Hell yesterday alone Nashville had nearly 13,500 cases. That’s just in Nashville. Sure, go gallivant around town and then come hang with us. Yep, I’m out.  Besides, I didn’t tan [yes, fake bake] beforehand, and I’m the kind of girl who needs a decent 3-4 month base from a tanning bed prior to a beach vacation so I don’t get burns that turn into blisters [even with sunscreen] so it’s probably for the better

The upside, with the Scentsy convention being virtual; I’m only using two days of vacation rather than five, I’m not going to Florida, another five I’m not using.  Nice to have some vacation banked. No plans of going anywhere anytime soon. Seems that all my days off are for doctor appointments, and getting my car repaired.  I’d rather save the time for if/when I move.

Since no one knows what fall + winter are going to look like, I’m not sure if time off will be needed for vendor events for Scentsy. Life is just up in the air for a lot of things in the days and months to come. It is what it is, let the vacation bank!


2 thoughts on “Another vacation, cancelled.

  1. Yeah, I’m with you. No way I’d go to Florida – especially not with family who refuses to act responsibly (I have similar family members). I’m glad they feel they can afford life if they were to get sick, I absolutely cannot. I also would not be able to live with myself if I were to pass it on to someone else.


    1. Yah it’s L & J and you’d think I was the worst person ever by suggesting we cancel. I’m not sure Mom has told them I’m not going. They wouldn’t be phased by me not going other than no one to stay back with the kids while they go to the bar. It’s so weird considering at first they were pretty good about this all.


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