I adulted hard tonight.  I’ve been waiting to hear the final plans for whatever may come financially at work. We found out Monday that we’d have some mandatory unpaid days and from what I understood it as; I would have two weeks. I didn’t know if that meant 80 hours [10 days] or actual weeks meaning 14 days; due to my making more than $50k

As it turns out, because of my job classification I only need to take 40 hours [one work week, not 7 days] so that’s a great thing.  Last night I had picked out 8 of the 10 days. But now I only need 5. I’ve got 4 scheduled already. I picked two of the five based on days I have appointments, then two more, a day each in September and October. I did that because that’s when Scentsy picks up – so the lost wages will be made up by Scentsy. Although I’m not sure it’ll have that big of an impact on my monthly pay.  We shall see.

Back to the adulting, it wasn’t that I actually cooked a meal at home, unloaded and then loaded the dishwasher. My kitchen counter needs cleared and cleaned off. I have stuff I bought last weekend on there and I know there’s some pasta sauce from the stuffed shells.  Tomorrow…

I applied for a home loan tonight. Now that I know the financial ramifications  at work will not alter my pay much — I felt confident in doing so. There were two mortgage lenders at my bank based in my town. One I emailed two weeks ago and response, so I picked the other guy.  For now I’m just going to go through my bank without looking around.

I’m in my lease til July 2021 so I have a year to look and explore options. I’m wanting a backyard that I can fence in if it’s not already. If I learned anything from quarantining, it;’s that I’m ready for a dog, and would have loved the companionship. My Turbo has been gone for three years now, as of  this month. I’m ready. I’m ready to have a spare bedroom, and an office. I’m ready to be able to paint, and have an attached garage.

I don’t know how long it’ll take for everything to come back, but I’m ready to start the process.   But first, sleep, allergy shot and car repair / maintenance on my day off tomorrow.


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