Thoughts from a Planner Girl lurking in the community.

It’s no secret I’ve been a “planner” all my life. In late Spring / early Summer of 2011 I stumbled across the Erin Condren Life Planner and it was perfect for what I needed. My planning has grown to so much more. I’d say it’s even a hobby. I co-admin a local planner group for Iowa with my friend Emily. I’d never have met her if it weren’t for our love of all things planning.

I know there’s a meme going around about the most wasteful thing you’ve bought in 2020 is a planner, but I beg to differ… it could be because I’m still working in the office and my Scentsy business is thriving; I do need and use my planner daily! I’m a pen to paper kinda girl.

That said, earlier this week there was an article shared around the community that had featured + quoted Erin Condren, the founder and namesake of the planner company I mostly use.

The article was really upsetting for a few reasons; they used the Black Lives Matter movement as a loophole to gather for graduation. Their parents allowed it, without any social distancing or masks. Thirdly, EC was quoted about using hula hoops around their feet so if they were caught they could say it was for a gym class.  It blew up in the planner community, and rightfully so.  Not only is the community very deserve with many of us teaching about the importance of BLM, but also quite a few healthcare workers in the community.  A slap in the face as many of us have had to give up family get-togethers, funerals, weddings, and the like.

We finally got an apology from EC on her personal Instagram, and then very late last night the CEO released a statement.  I felt like EC’s apology wasn’t enough. I’m still not sure what to take of the statement form the CEO.  I’m not sure I believe in cancel culture but on the flip side… when is enough, enough?  Many EC affiliates have come on IG to do a face video sharing their thoughts, and she just shared an image and words.  This is a time when actions speak louder than words.

I am a calendar year planner, I have 6 months in my 2020, and I bought the 2021 at launch just 6 weeks ago, yes, that early there were good deals for buying at launch. It’s something I’ve always done.

I know the affiliates are taking a break and not posting, some have removed their links, some have even gone so far as switching already, and cutting ties. There are some shops associated with planners that are not selling stickers that are for the EC Life Planner. I appreciate all of them for standing up. Some can remove the namesake from the company.

I’ve had many conversations, I’m still not sure how I am going to move forward. It seems silly, and not smart financially to toss all my EC items and get a new planner. I’m going to use what I have, and make a decision with where I spend my money after having some time to think and see what comes of this.

It’s just a tough pill to swallow.  Because of the current events many people + companies are sharing that they are learning, and wanting to do better, be better.  Many are changing some things up with honoring Juneteenth as a holiday, and changing the marketing to not have racist connotations, or even making it more inclusive.  If I were to ditch all the companies who have a founder / owner / someone of power that did something I didn’t agree with; I’m not sure what I could be a consumer of. But I’m also seeing that some things are worth standing up for and against.

My thoughts are all over, because I really am not sure what to think. I do know she and her kids were in the wrong, teaching your kids to lie was wrong, using a movement as a loophole to gather and celebrate your high school graduation is wrong. Parents aren’t supposed to be your friends when they are raising you. You become [better] friends after you are an adult because of them saying now, and being the parent.


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