We can always learn, always.

It’s been and interesting week and a half of learning, listening and taking it all in. I’ve found some great resources to read and watch. I even activated my Netflix account.

I told a few people “you don’t know what you don’t know” I’m equipping myself with knowledge to learn. I can always do better, be better.  I know that not all cops are bad, and people of all colors aren’t all good.  But I do know that people like George Floyd should have been given a chance to at the very least been able to go to court and be defended. Or Breonna Taylor shouldn’t have been shot seven times in her sleep.

I don’t condone the looting and defacing of things, but anger is a part of grief and it’s how those who are angry are making their voices heard when their voices aren’t being heard.  I’m doing my best to research a lot of things – from reputable places. I have a lot to learn; but I’m also trying to pace myself, this isn’t something that’s due in a week; it never ends. We must keep learning.   I would suggest but have not seen it on any list — Small Great Things  by Jodi Piclout, It was an amazing read; very relevant. I totally forgot about this book until a friend brought it up and said her friend recommended it and then it clicked duh, what a great read!

I am currently listening to the book: How To Be An Antiracist by Ibram X Kendi. It makes a great listen on my commute. I do a bit better listening to non-fiction than I do reading. It sinks in better via audio.

I think it’s great that the books I have on hold or have ordered are on back order — this means people are learning!  I’ve put a hold on  or bought:

So You Want To Talk About Race –  Ijeoma Oluo

White Fragility – Robin DiAngelo — this one I keep seeing recommended a lot; I’m number 74 of 153; it’s going to be a bit of a wait, but I am glad to see so many want to read it!

Stamped From The Begining – Ibram X Kendi

Waking Up White – Debby Irving

I normally use Scribd – but I see a lot of these are not available on there – and a few of these are available through Audible; which is a bit more expensive and only 2  credits / month but I might give in and go that route to listen to these books a bit sooner. We shall see. I’m feeling a bit frugal lately — more on this later.

Friends, listen and learn with me. Tell me what you are reading/watching/listening to in order to become a better ally.

If  you are black, tell me how I can be a better ally; and please, please have grace, I am learning. I’m sure I will mess up, but I am promising to do better. If you point out where I have misspoken or misstepped, I will change; you have my word.


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