The OTR Truck Driver from London

Have you ever met someone and then thought “damn, I should have got their number!” [this was back when FB was brand new, we didn’t really go around asking people to be friends on MySpace].

I was still in college, I want to say it was late 2004 early 2005ish and for some reason I was in Winks. Thinking back, the timing makes since, my Mom’s place didn’t open til June 2005 and during this timeframe they wouldn’t have owned the other bar. I am also basing this off of the vehicle I had at the time, it was my Army green Malibu, don’t know how I remember, but I just do. I know I was over 21, and I’m certain I hadn’t graduated college yet. It was winter, or very early Spring, but still cold here. I was having some drinks with some friends there and headed to the next town over. I was driving separately so I wasn’t hitting it hard.

We were just taking in our small friend group and this guy started talking to me. His name was Tony he was an over the road truck driver. I noticed two things, immediately: 1) he had an accent he was from the UK and 2) he was drinking New Castle. Obviously my parents have owned a bar most of my life for me to notice this!

Our conversation was amazing; my friends decided to head to the bar in the next down over. I’m guessing there was a DJ there. I said I would meet them there in a bit. They were a little nervous about me staying behind but I quickly reminded them we were in a SMALL TOWN BAR where everyone knows who I am, nothing was going to happen.

This guy, Tony told me his life story in a short while. I still wasn’t sure if I was buying it. He was maybe 3-5 years older than me, maybe 7 tops. He told me he had lost his wife and child in a car accident.  Anyways, we were in this side room that had pool tables in it, and we were by ourselves so we weren’t really yelling at each other. I’m certain it was a Saturday. My Dad and his wife hang out at this bar, but for some reason they were not there, so I didn’t have their watchful eye.  He, Tony, had asked if I wanted to go get dinner somewhere and continue the conversation, but he said I would have to drive, because he had his semi. I wanted to, but I was nervous.

This was early / mid 2000’s.  Online dating was still somewhat new and scary. Stranger danger was very real, and I was ballsy, but also naive as fuck. I’m certain I had a phone that texted but it wasn’t anything fancy. I would have been better off to call my friends and tell them what I was doing and I wasn’t sure I wanted to. In the end, I stuck around and chatted with him while he had a few more beers. I don’t even know his last name. I  might have kissed him, cuz I’m kind of a slut like that…

Oh how I wish I would have gotten his number or his last name at the very least, you know so I could have internet stalked him. I’m certain I didn’t tell him my last name, nor give him my number. I just wonder about him. Not about dating him, just because the conversation was great. I just have to assume he was telling the truth. It was one of those where everything clicked.  So here I am… 16 years later, wondering about it. I will never, not think of him when I see a New Castle beer [which I think smells horrible]. I’m not certain I would know what he looks like, nor could I tell you what he sounds like other than he had an accent that you could tell was from London / UK.

I’m reading a book series about London + it must have brought this memory to mind.


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