A bunch of thoughts

A jumbled up mess of thoughts, so I’m just going to spew.

  • During the workday I get all these grand ideas of everything I want to do, around my condo, Scentsy-wise, all the things! I started keeping a little notebook with my planner so I could jot these things down so I could either tackle these things in the evening, or the weekend that comes up, or whenever I have a large chunk of time to tackle.
  • I also get ideas of things to write about. I still dislike the word blog. I started using LiveJournal when it first was a thing, March 1999. The word blog first became used as a word in April / May 1999; so technically I blogged before it was a thing. I Googled it, so it’s true. All that to say…
    • I want to write a post, well, probably a series about “adventures in online dating… the shit I see” Sometimes I take screen shots and then I just get pissed and delete it. I need to make a folder on my Google drive and then move it there then it’s off my phone so I can write about it later.  I mean, this could probably be an entire blog on its own.
    • I want to write about how as of today, I’ve been at my job for 12 years. Do I call it my job or is it technically my career? And how things have been different, how I fee like I have grown personally and professionally in my job.
    • I want to write about waking up earlier [naturally + with an alarm] and the plan for that.
    • COVID19’s financial ramifications at work; possible pay cuts and what it means for me + my job
    • Music during a pandemic. What I’m listening to, what I’m watching via social media. Thoughts on how long it’ll be before a concert.
    • I want to write about this guy I met at Winks back in like 2004ish, he was an OTR truck driver who was maybe 3-5 years older than me, he was from the UK, London I want to say, had a cool accent. Cool story, wished I knew more than his name, Tony…
  • I see a lot of memes about everyone should have learned something during the pandemic. Well the only thing I’ve learned is nothing has changed in the Wickless Jess Headquarters.  Bed is still never made, unless the bedding is washed. Laundry is likely to be found folded + on the couch. Amazon + Scentsy boxes get recycled as trashcans + the peninsula is the catch all.  Yep, still a hot mess over here.

I need to get better at going to bed at a decent time. It’s a little after 10; I’m going to hit publish, if you’ve made it this far, gold star for you!

It’s noon on Thursday – I failed at posting this… so I’m posting now.