I bought a MacBook

I bought a MacBook Air!  It was beyond time to replace the laptop, I’ve got an iPad + iPhone. I liked the congruency. I know it’s investment, but I know they last for quite some time. I really don’t know why I’m defending my purchase to you. I bought it, period.

I, of course bought it in the throes of COVID, so it took a while to come in, but I got a helluva deal, I was fine waiting a while, especially in the name of safety. I had this case picked out for a while, and I had read articles and watched some YouTube videos about which particular accessories are needed.  I’m pumped it fits in my Large EC Planner Folio  I knew this when the folios were released but I am glad it fits. It doesn’t match but who the F cares!? And clearly I am not traveling for a while… I’m not sure I will use it as a laptop sleeve but it works! 

I have my mouse hooked up and switched the way it scrolls, I’m just not a fan of a trackpad. I downloaded Chrome because all of my bookmarks are there and it’s what I know.  It’s made a world of difference. I searched YouTube for a few tips + tricks but I’m still a little lost at where things are being saved. I might have mixed that up in the set up. But I’ll figure that out. I have a few friends who have Mac’s that I can probably reach out to and see if they can help me.

I was at first a little nervous about the size, going from a 17 inch laptop to a 13 inch one. I actually only notice the difference in that there isn’t a keypad to the right. But really I don’t do MUCH number wise, that I can’t type it in from the top of the keyboard.

I am able to, and did download the MS Office Suite free from work, which is great because Excel is my life! I have a few spreadsheets I use regularly for Scentsy.

It’s a learning curve, but I am happy with my purchase. I’m up for the challenge.



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