COVID19 By The Week 4.26.20-5.2.20

4.26.20  New cases: 384, total cases: 5477, new deaths: 6, total deaths: 119

Lazy day today. The number of cases are growing. I’m getting antsy. When I took the trash out, and talked with the neighbors through their door, one is going to do testing at WL Foods tomorrow. Her places of employment doesn’t have enough PPE, she’s reusing a disposable gown. Kinda scary.

4.27.20  New cases: 349, total cases: 5868*, new deaths: 9, total deaths: 128

The numbers do not add up, but I’m told that some serology tests were included in the positive results [meaning they were tested and previously had it but no longer have it]

I’m just not feeling it. Our Governor is a fucking moron. Yep, I said it. She’s opening 77 of the 99 counties at 50% but many businesses are choosing not to just yet. We are still seeing high numbers of positive cases and deaths.  I’m up to my elbows in a project at work, moving our in-person childbirth education classes to an online / virtual format. Yes, still weeks later…  If only people realized what went on behind the scenes.  I’m not feeling so hot, I’ve had a headache all day. I’m just ready to crawl in bed.

4.28.20  New cases: 508, total cases: 6376, new deaths: 9, total deaths: 137

A productive day at work. Still feeling like our Governor is a moron. It seems as though the medical world is leery about things opening back up and warn of a second wave. There are two sides to this, those who are pissed we are ‘safer at home’ and those who wish to stay home and protect themselves and others at all costs. I am of the later.

4.29.20  New cases: 467, total cases: 6843, new deaths: 12, total deaths: 149

I’m finally sleeping better, I’m not sure if I’m finally just accepting the stress and all that is what is going on as ‘normal’ after nearly 8 weeks. Although I’m tired today, just feeling blah.  I know everyone is hurting as well as the economy. I’m kind of thinking about possibly buying a condo / townhouse. As of right now, it’s merely just thinking, looking but nothing serious.  I’m kind of at a spot in work where I’m caught up with things…     I really want to take a day off work, but it seems silly, there’s nothing to do, that I couldn’t really do over the weekend.

4.30.20  New cases: 302, total cases: 6843, new deaths: 14, total deaths: 163

I have never been so caught up as I am now at work. I know its the calm before the storm. We’ve used all the budgeted money and then some for PPE, we’re not doing any elective surgeries [even though we “can” we’re still very selective]. I’ve decided to take tomorrow off. It’s official the annual Scentsy convention [SFR] is not going to be in person, it’s going to be virtual. I’m glad, I was about 95% sure that I wasn’t going to go, but this makes it easier to not have to decide to go when others were.

 5.1.20  New cases: 740 total cases: 7145, new deaths: 8, total deaths: 171

Of course, I planned to have a bad reaction to my allergy shots, and this was the time that it was not bad at all. I went into HyVee and got groceries for the first time since this all started. I wore a mask, it wasn’t the most comfortable, but it worked. I couldn’t get a pick up time until Wednesday.  Last night I texted mom and said I was done with not seeing them, that I was coming to plop down in a chair in the driveway to see them. Luke was going to stop by too. I visited with them for nearly 3 hours, it was so nice to see them. I’d still love to have give them a hug.

5.2.20  New cases: 757, total cases: 8642, new deaths: 5, total deaths: 176

For “another weekend in quarantine”; it’s been a productive day. I got some mail prepped to go out — Scentsy mail, team mail mostly. I made a training video to share with my leadership group. I designed some Scentsy stuff that’s been on the list of stuff to do, and I cleaned up my kitchen. I saw a friend post a meme about complete a chore that takes 15 minutes to complete that she’s been putting off for months, and then her sister commented that it’s her island in her kitchen – which is exactly what it is for me. It’s the catch-all for everything. I finally got tired of looking at it, and tackled it.  I threw some chicken in the crock pot and had chicken tacos for dinner. All sorts of domestic; but don’t worry I got a nap in!  Currently 6:45 and I’m thinking a bath then holding down the recliner. I listened to an entire book today, and have plans to dive into another. I prefer to listen to autobiographies and educational / business books. I’ll read fiction. I can get lost in fiction.



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