Stupid COVID

I’m really bummed right now because it’s Joe’s last day of work, he’s retiring after 33 years at Pleasant Valley, and we can’t have a party. Tomorrow is his 66th birthday, too.  All week they’ve posted pictures and shared fun stories on their Facebook page about him and all the good things he’s done. From helping build the back 9, and make the course the beautiful 18 holes it is today.  I’ve teared up reading it. I’m frustrated that we can’t celebrate.

I’m sad that I can’t hug him, wishing him a happy birthday.  Celebrate not having to worry about worry about the greens frying in the heat, or him having to rush out of the house and turn the water system off cuz of a storm coming. Leaving a wedding reception to do something at the golf course. The many times he’s come to family things straight from work on a weekend he’s worked, because it just is. PVGC has been good to him over the years, and I know we’ll celebrate when we are able. it just sucks.  I know we’re being smart, safe and healthy about this. But dammit…

I wanted to get a yard sign that said “happy retirement” but the condo association is kind of strict, so I didn’t…  bunch of old hags!

Okay, I need to be done writing this so I don’t tear up more at my desk.

Now all you have to answer to is just one boss… mom!



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