To buy or not to buy… that is the question

As much as I would love to buy a condo / zero-lot line / townhouse… I’m not sure the time is now. My Mom is talking to her realtor about it and sent me links, but she is sending links to some that are not in a neighborhood I want to live in. She doesn’t know the town I live in very well, and one of them was a glorified apartment. I am NOT going to buy something that’s a second floor condo.  I sent her some links to properties in the area / neighborhood I like [the area / side of town I already live] and she likes them, so it’s a step in the right direction. Not that I “need” her approval, but it’s nice to have her kind of on my side. She’s just not quite grasping that I want to live somewhere, area wise, where I feel comfortable. That some of the places she sent are in areas that are not the best parts of town. And just because the prices are lower, it wouldn’t be worth it to me if I’m not feeling safe / comfortable.  I will just stay put and rent if that’s the case.

I would very likely have to sell my P&G stock so I could have a down payment, which is fine. It would probably disappoint and upset my Dad but that wouldn’t change much. We don’t have much of a relationship as is, and if I had to sum up my relationship with him as is, I would say I’m an inconvenience to him. I feel like my asking him to sell it would just help cut the ties even more with him, so it would be easy.  It’s not like he has really ever helped me with anything, and it’s in my name, he just still seems to have control over it all.

Do I want to buy, yes. Am I terrified, fuck yes. Of course I’m paying $895/month in rent right now and in August it’ll be $905. I realize it’s pricey and for that much I could be paying a mortgage. My biggest fear is what if the heater goes out. Something big like that.  I know that right now is the time to buy, and likely I could put $0 down but I like the idea of having some wiggle room if I need to buy a washer + dryer, or paint or something like that.  If I could get away with $0 down and still cashed out my stock, I could have cash for whatever might be needed to update or furnish.  Time will tell. I suppose first I need to grow some balls and call my Dad.

I do know that I very much will have a bare place if I were to move and would VERY SLOWLY have to furnish it.  And I know a dog would come down the road, because I’m responsible enough to know it’s a commitment, both time and money-wise, and it’s just not something I would have immediately.

Oh, adulting. You are great and suck all at the same time.


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