My journey with allergy shots

I wish I had documented this journey from before, but I am now. I’m trying to piece things together from memory.

I have seen three different  ENT / Allergy doctors in my life, Dr. C, Dr. L and Dr. V.  To confuse things, Dr. C and Dr. V work at the same place. I was never fond of Dr. C’s bedside manner.

I believe I started with Dr. C; did the allergy testing, new meds, attempted shots by I reacted way too much and quit after a few rounds. I think this was about 15 years ago. For some reason I have a memory of coming into Shenanigans [when Mom and Joe owned it] and showing how my arm was all red.  I could be VERY wong…   I later saw this guy to do my nose surgery and still didn’t care for his bedside manner, and swore to never go back to him.  So I didn’t!

I saw Dr. L when I was younger, maybe high school for asthma stuff, did allergy testing, never did shots through there. For a while I fell off going and went back in summer 2018, and got allergy testing again — so it was up to date. She knew of my history of bad reaction to the first time of trying shots so she didn’t want to even attempt them. I was on some new meds and kinda sort of doing okay.  I feel like I got a huge brush off with this office not really getting anything other than a prescription for Singular and Albuterol.

Fast forward to winter 2019… the ear issues. I went to two different hospitals’ walk in clinics. The second one was where I normally doctor at; and I was referred to an ENT and got in very quick. Dr. V and I clicked. I felt like he truly wanted me to get to feeling better! The surgery happened and after another allergy test and follow up we were going to start shots. At my last appointment with Dr. V it was in the throes of COVID-19; so the appointment felt a bit rushed, although we accomplished everything needed, and I was set up for allergy shots to start April 17th.

Because of COVID, I called the number and sat in my car, the nurse came out, gave me 4 shots, came back out after 10 minutes and things were fine so I was able to get my first two shots — because my allergies are so bad I’m getting two injections vs one, and sat for 20 minutes then on to work. The only info I had was that I couldn’t take any antihistamines for a week up until; so no Allegra or Benadryl.

I had a decent sized reaction – I realize I should have called when it was bigger than a 50 cent piece, but I didn’t. it was most of my upper arm, elbow to armpit, red, hot and itchy but it fine that evening. Still a little red and gone by Saturday.

Fast forward to this Friday…  pulled up and got my shots, and was on my way, as the day went on the reaction got red, hot, itchy and grew larger. It was only half of my upper arm at 12:30. I reached out to a friend who is also getting allergy shots and she said I should call the nurse. I did, and they said to take a Claritin or Allegra and keep an eye on my breathing.   I took a Benadryl when I got home, just one… it didn’t make me too tired, generally it takes a few to do that.  I went about doing things around the condo.  I finally crawled in bed about 10 and took two more Benadryl.  I couldn’t sleep for shit. My arm felt heavy, and like it was asleep, and super sore!

I woke up and it was still the same, but I needed to do something, so I ventured to Kalona to get out via my car and putz around. I came back and iced my arm, and took a nap. It still is not great.  I took a bath this evening and I think it’s finally feeling a bit better, the redness is going down, but the itchiness is still there, and it’s a bit sore, not as much though!

I do plan on calling on Monday to see if I need to be seen before I get any more shots or if there is something else I need to do. A friend suggested ice packs for my arm immediately after the shot – so I have that on order. If it doesn’t get here before Friday morning, then I’ll just take an ice pack from my freezer and try it out. I’ve read that I can take a Claritin before the shots. So I just need to get my ducks in a row prior to going.

The friend I spoke to on Friday gets hers done locally, she was given the vial, so I’m going to see about that. I work with plenty of nurses who could give me the shot, my neighbor downstairs is also a nurse, and I really think I could give myself the shot. If I don’t have to do it in my arm, and could do it in my thigh I’m all for doing it on my own. I think I’d stick with Friday’s so I can be at work during the day and around people in case something happens.  It would also save me from using sick time or working late to make up my hour each week for however long this process will take.

I just have lots of things to chat with them about. I think the situation might have gotten us started off on the wrong foot, but we can get it switched around. I’m certain. I really do trust my new doctor and know he will do everything we can to make sure we get these allergies under control.


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