COVID19 By The Week 4.19.20-4.25.20

4.19.20  New cases: 389, total cases: 2902, new deaths: 1, total deaths: 75

I’ve read a lot this weekend. It’s been great to finally be in a headspace to be reading again.  I went and got gas; this is the third time getting gas in six weeks, which seems crazy, but my checkbook loves it!

4.20.20  New cases: 257, total cases: 3159, new deaths: 4, total deaths: 79

I had the crappiest night of sleep last night. Tossed and turned until at least 1:30 in the morning. Here’s hoping tomorrow is better.  I’m trying to tackle little projects around the condo, so tonight I cleaned out the medicine that was expired.

4.21.20  New cases: 482, total cases: 3641, new deaths: 4, total deaths: 83

Today went by so fast at work. They aren’t allowing many vendors in so we had to move some equipment, today it was chairs. A lot of them. I am so glad that we don’t have to wear our face shields in our office because the hour of moving the chairs with them on, it was hot. I had a headache from being overheated almost from it.  In the middle of doing that I got a text and phone call that there was fraud on my debit card; I’m a magnet for this. I called and got it taken care of, here’s hoping the card shows up quick, but normally it’s at least a week.  But I have a full tank of gas, just got groceries, so I should be good to go. It’s 8:45, I made supper and I think I’m going to take a bath and call it a night.

4.22.20  New cases: 107, total cases: 3748, new deaths: 7, total deaths: 90

I feel like the days are starting to just be the same. Work is slower, but we’re getting into a good rhythm doing what we are able… there’s not fiscal year end buying this time around. Doing some reorganizing at home, but waiting for packages to come from Amazon.We had lunch today from the bosses for Administrative Professionals Day – we all at our desk, where we normally would sit together and chit chat.

4.23.20  New cases: 176, total cases: 3924, new deaths: , total deaths: 96

I’ve never been so interested in the NFL Draft before but my coworker, Julia, her nephew who played at Iowa and declared for the draft, as a junior is slated to go in the first round!  I had a Scentsy Zoom meeting and was very distracted, but Tristan Wirfs went to Tampa Bay in the first round, 13th pick! I learned so much from Julia about Tristan in the past years and then leading up to this. She was to be in Vegas for this but sadly not able to.  Exciting news for our state / area!

4.24.20  New cases: 521, total cases: 4445, new deaths: 11, total deaths: 107

In the Governor’s press conference today, even with the highest numbers she plans on reopening some things. Allowing for elective surgeries, and the farmer’s markets to be open. I’m not 100% how I feel about this. On one hand I like the idea of slowly opening things up and allowing for some surgeries… but PPE is already a struggle, so why add more to this?  And the farmer’s markets; I get we don’t want food to waste, but the ones I have been to have been pretty heavily attended.  I had my second set of allergy shots today and had to call the nurse about it.  I picked up a few face masks from Mrs. Clark tonight after work — she’s amazing. I am lucky to have been her student and had her mentor me!

4.25.20  New cases: 648, total cases: 5093, new deaths: 6, total deaths: 113

Holy shit the numbers keep rising. I’m guessing for a few things – one the TestIowa website / more testing, and they are testing at the meat processing plants.  I woke up and went for a drive this morning, I haven’t gone anywhere other than work, home and to pick up groceries. I ventured down to Kalona [Amish community] I did stop into the bakery to get some bread, and the bulk country store for a few things but there were very few people in there which I was proud for that. As I was walking out of Stringtown [bulk country store] they were wiping down the carts and baskets. It felt good to get out… and a lot of the Amish community was out and about which always makes me smile, reminds me of adventuring around the area with Grandma Eva.  I’m fascinated with that culture.


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