COVID19 By The Week 4.12.20-4.18.20

4.12.20  New cases: 77, total cases: 1587, new deaths: 7, total deaths: 41

Today is Easter. It was hard today, not because it was a holiday, just because. I had a Zoom [online video conference] tonight with some Scentsy friend’s for Cory’s birthday — we’ve used Zoom for a few years now but it’s gained popularity. It was a surprise to him, but it was a fun hour to chit chat!  Filled with a lot of laughs — much needed.  I finished a book this morning and started the second in the series – I’m about 1/4 of the way through it. I think I’ll crawl in bed shortly and dive in some more.

4.13.20  New cases: 123, total cases: 1710, new deaths: 2, total deaths: 43

Today at work face shields were mandatory for all staff, all times. I struggled with my hair last week getting it on and off; but figured if I braided my hair, it was easier. My bangs are still a pain in the ass and get real static-y.  Here’s what it looks like. There are knobs on the sides, behind the temples to lift the shield up and down. There’s a knob on the back that goes over the head that works best if you loosen it a bit, put it on your head then tighten once it’s on.


4.14.20  New cases: 189, total cases: 1899, new deaths: 6, total deaths: 49

Over the weekend I finally was able to focus on reading, and have gotten really into a series, I crawled in bed early last night and fell asleep easily after reading. I slept very well!  I’m finishing up a few things in my office, then I’m going to hold the recliner down and read.  One of our reps for Pigott [furniture company] stopped in and talked with Lela + I today, it was nice to see how he and his family are doing and work is for him.  Apparently people started getting their stimulus checks today.

4.15.20  New cases: 146, total cases: 1995, new deaths: 7, total deaths: 53

I really need to get a few groceries but I’m trying to hold off… I still haven’t been in a store since well before all of this started. I’m thinking it was early March, maybe even late February since I actually stepped foot in a store.  I am hungry for EVERYTHING. Lela even joked with Julia to “feed the pet” I want cream cheese mints, but I don’t have everything to make them! I picked up Cheddars curbside tonight because I was so hungry.

4.16.20  New cases: 122, total cases: 2141, new deaths: 3, total deaths: 60

I am able to get a grocery pick up for tomorrow after work; but I’m not sure there’s all that much I need so I’m slowly adding some things to my cart, and going through my cupboards,  pantry, and kitchen to see if I can make it through the weekend. I bet I can. I just need to make a food game plan. I’ve learned to not be as wasteful.  I am tired of sitting in front of the computer, my eyes hurt a bit so I’m going to go read for a bit and hopefully get to bed early tonight. Allergy shots start tomorrow.

4.17.20  New cases: 191, total cases: 2332, new deaths: 4, total deaths: 64

Before work today I had drive-up allergy shots. It was in my Dad’s words “a pretty hot set up”. I called when I got to the parking lot, they came out and administered some set of 4 shots first came out 10 minutes later and gave the first round of shots – I’m getting 2 at a time. I sat there for 20 minutes and was off to work.  The Governor’s press conference today she announced that school will not be happening for the rest of the year. Very sad, especially for the seniors. I cannot even imagine what they are going through, not going to Prom, and walking at Graduation. For those in sports, not getting to run track, cross country, play baseball or softball, or soccer. It will be a year we will all remember. I heard Dr. Fauci speak saying this will be remembered in history similar to the 1918 Spanish Flu.    Work is slow, we’re really slowly down on what we are spending money on because obviously the budget is largely impacted.

4.18.20  New cases: 181, total cases: 2513, new deaths: 10, total deaths: 74

I had an 8:00 grocery pick up for today, it was 9:45 before I pulled out. They are busy! I didn’t mind waiting. I have nothing else to do. I decided to nap about 12:30 and woke up at 4, apparently napping is where I’m going to get my sleep! I made some homemade pizza and then some cinnamon roll bread but the bread wasn’t so great. I did a little cleaning + tidying.


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