COVID19 By The Week 4.5.20-4.11.20

4.5.20  New cases: 83, total cases: 869, new deaths: 8, total deaths: 22

First patient that was transferred to UIHC that passed away.  I finally heard from my Dad today… of course it wasn’t him checking on me, it was because Vic + Ashley had their baby; a girl. I didn’t reply to his text right away, so he called probably. It felt like I was being scolded, without the words.   I made a roast today and I didn’t nap — how adult of me.

4.6.20  New cases: 83, total cases: 869, new deaths: 8, total deaths: 25 *number adjusted, over by 1 to match as reported by Gov. Reynolds.

I did not want to go into work today. It was a decent day though. Not much motivation.

4.7.20  New cases: 107, total cases: 946, new deaths: 1, total deaths: 26

I was supposed to have a gyno appointment today – but it was cancelled. [TMI] Thankfully it was just to do a string check on my IUD and this isn’t my first one, so I’m familiar, we decided to cancel.

Everyone working at the hospital will have face shields by Friday! This is a blessing because our Big Boss hasn’t even really checked in on us. Thankfully my direct boss, Lela is freaking amazing.  It’s almost 8 and I’ve taken a bath, and I’m going to sleep, or try to.

4.8.20  New cases: 97, total cases: 1048, new deaths: 1, total deaths: 27

First two peds patients admitted to UISFCH.

I had an Allergy / ENT appointment this morning. First place I’ve gone outside of work since 3.12! I was the only one in the waiting room. Ropes were up at the counter, and the doc stayed as far away as possible in the room. I will be starting allergy shots and they will be done in my car!

We had a small staff meeting [Lela, Julia + I]. Lela  broke down sharing about missing her grandkids, mom and other family, and we sympathize.  She is truly the best damn boss. We discussed that even if we just feel kinda icky we can stay home, either take a sick day or work from home.  Chris M’s husband made us temporary ones that aren’t very sturdy, but they do the job!

All the shopping sites are having sales; I bought new shoes, bras, and a new comforter — all very much on sale and most have free shipping.

4.9.20  New cases: 125, total cases: 1270, new deaths: 2, total deaths: 29

Face shields arrived today! We are expected to wear them anytime we are out of the office, and if someone else comes into the office.  We found out the big boss isn’t really for us rotating working from home. Yes it wouldn’t be ideal, but Lela basically said we’ll make it work if need be, and not to feel bad if we have kind of a sore throat that normally we would come into work but now we’d probably better stay home and monitor.  Seriously, I would LOVE to hug her right now.  She brought in fabric for us to pick out for her rockstar momma, Sally to make us masks.  Tonight doesn’t seem so hard. I think the face shield brings a good sense of comfort. I need to get a few headbands, my “work” hair might be kind of a hot mess but wearing the shield is going to be mandatory on Monday!

4.10.20  New cases: 118, total cases: 1388, new deaths: 2, total deaths: 31

I slept decent last night. Work is weird, as usual, but the emails aren’t coming in, the phone isn’t ringing. It seems a bit slower. I feel like I’m just waiting for whatever is next. It’s a good feeling to feel caught up on some things that are always getting pushed back and now I can tackle them.  Even without a student [she went home to Chicago just before spring break and never came back as her sorority house closed…] Productive feels good.  Also, I’m writing typing a bit more here than I do in the actual journal. I can type faster than I can write?  I haven’t updated the physical journal in a few days, anyways.

4.11.20  New cases: 122, total cases: 1510, new deaths: 3, total deaths: 34

I crawled in bed about 10 last night and slept til about 5:30 but I tossed and turned. Lots of weird dreams. The weird dreams have been pretty consistent the last month. I got up and got a few things done, made some breakfast then crawled back in bed and slept for a few hours – the best sleep in a while! I only moved my “journaling” to my blog yesterday but have decided writing here is easier.  I’ve only been awake for an hour and a half and I’m yawning again. I think naps are the key to getting sleep.


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