Music getting me through

I know everyone is affected by COVID19.  I hate that the live music world has come to a screeching halt [along with everything else] but this one is close to me because live music is my life.

I am very much loving that the artists are using social media to provide us music. Yes, some sound better than others, but some spend a little time sharing about their lives. It’s been great. It’s also been what has been getting me through.


In other news — I started journaling last week; I went back to the day of the first positive cases in Iowa, and kept track of numbers on out and with the help of my Instagram + Facebook was able to add a few points about some days prior to when I started it nightly.  I decided last night that even though I have it on paper I’m going to translate it to here; in weekly pieces [Monday – Sunday] and I will backdate it then keep up going forward.

Maybe I’ll be more inclined to type more – as I can type much faster than I can write.


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