COVID19 By The Week 3.29.20-4.4.20

3.29.20  New cases: 38, total cases: 336, new deaths: 0, total deaths: 4

Joe Diffie passed away from complications with COVID19. It was announced on Friday. Very sad I’m glad I’ve seen him a few times, most recently in early February.

3.30.20  New cases: 88, total cases: 424, new deaths: 2, total deaths: 6

3.31.20  New cases: 73, total cases: 497, new deaths: 1, total deaths: 7

I’m doing another grocery pick up order, and Target drive up order to stay out of the stores. I have plenty of toilet paper still; everyone is hoarding it!  Gas is $1.51/gallon.  I made a real bitchy post on Facebook today and I don’t even care who it offended:

I’ve tried being kind + positive but people aren’t getting it so here I step up on the ole metaphorical soapbox and I’m echoing what a few others have said if you want to get back to school / work / life as we knew it:

Governor Reynolds has not and seemingly refuses to issue a Shelter-in-Place, so now it’s our time to do our part: this means stay in with ONLY THE PEOPLE YOU LIVE WITH, except for getting out for the essential things [work, getting groceries + meds] side note: getting groceries isn’t a family outing at this time! Some parks and trails are open, but do not go with your friends, just the PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN YOUR HOUSE! If you need a few things and someone is going out have them grab it for you and drop it at your door! Grab things on the way to work or on your way home. Use Pick Up / Drive Up / Delivery if you can

Grandparents need to stay home, yes it sucks we cannot see them but this is to keep them healthy! Birthday parties, family dinners, social get togethers, NONE of it can happen! Technology is a wonderful thing.

DON’T BE THE DICK THAT RUINS SUMMER + FAMILY VACATIONS FOR THE REST OF US BECAUSE YOU THINK YOU ARE INVINCIBLE AND ARE QUITE POSSIBLY CARRYING / SPREADING IT. Also, I just might copy + paste this on your posts if you have pictures of you with people whom you do not live with.


4.1.20  New cases: 52, total cases: 549, new deaths: 2, total deaths: 9

Temperature screening at entrances for all employees. I picked up groceries at HyVee – checked in at 5:32 and didn’t have my car loaded and heading out until 6:38! I FaceTimed with Mom + Joe for a good half hour, it’s weird, I haven’t seen them in a little over a month. I haven’t gone that long since college!

4.2.20  New cases: 66, total cases: 615, new deaths: 2, total deaths: 11

Schools and businesses now closed through 4.30.20

4.3.20  New cases: 85, total cases: 699, new deaths: 0, total deaths: 11 *number adjusted, over by 1 to match as reported by Gov. Reynolds

University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics creates a treatment kit for those recovering at home.  The kits include: blood pressure cuff and pulse oximeter, with instructions for self isolation and which symptoms to monitor. The patient then reports the info to their doctor during their daily virtual visits.

This week was hard. No real reason other than the heavy feeling of this. Ready to try and sleep but NOT have to walk into the hospital. It feels wrong of me to stay that, but I want a break from it.

4.4.20  New cases: 87, total cases: 789, new deaths: 3, total deaths: 14

Can’t sleep. I was up about 6:30. I’ve tried to read and nap but that was a failure. I’m taking my temp everyday before and after work. On the weekends, just once a day. Just trying to make sure I am on top of it. I don’t notice I am feverish until it’s 102°.  I texted with Luke a bit today It was nice they painted a room and he said the kids are being a handful.


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