COVID19 By The Week 3.22.20-3.28.20

3.22.20  New cases: 22, total cases: 90, new deaths: 0, total deaths: 0

UIHC is asking for community help to make face shields [with a shared pattern]. See them on people at work seems a bit weird but more and more normal now. Scary, weird but it doesn’t make you do a double take.

3.23.20  New cases: 15, total cases: 105, new deaths: 0, total deaths: 0

There was a Facebook post from UISFCH nurses holding signs “We stay at work for you, please stay at home for us”  I had a Master Class Zoom with some of my Scentsy friends that I wanted to skip and just go to bed, but I’m glad I did not. I got the giggles!

3.24.20  New cases: 19, total cases: 124, new deaths: 1, total deaths: 1

There are hearts showing up all over on windows as a “thank you” + “all in this together” thing and it’s awesome! L5 Surgery did a big heart on the window well of the hospital and it’s awesome. I noticed in the photo shared one of the nurses was a past student of ours!    We had our first death.   Today was rough, I wanted to puke, felt uneasy all day and tonight I’m really struggling.

3.25.20  New cases: 21, total cases: 145, new deaths: 1, total deaths: 2

Cedar Ridge Distillery is making sanitizer! Sleeping is getting tougher – even with my sleeping pill.

3.26.20  New cases: 34, total cases: 179, new deaths: 0, total deaths: 2

I have been taking a lot of baths in the evening to decompress. Cody Johnson did a concert on Facebook – so I listened to that while I soaked. It felt somewhat normal…

3.27.20  New cases: 55, total cases: 3, new deaths: 2, total deaths: 4

Business closures extends to 4.7.20. We are granted an additional 80 hours of Federal Emergency Paid Sick Leave should we test positive and / or need to use it during this time.

3.28.20  New cases: 64, total cases: 3, new deaths: 0, total deaths: 4  *There was a case yesterday marked positive that was actually negative, so I changed the number to 55 from 56

I decorated my office window using the sign by UI Marketing and colorful hearts. Even though the weather is crappy it made me feel good. #InThisTogether



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