Reflecting on work

Our CEO, Suresh Gunasekaran has been amazing through COVID19; but even before that. The way he writes makes you feel like he is speaking directly to you, without using big words.

An example, when we had an ice storm and the Cambus [local on campus transit] was stopped but we still had to get from our parking lots into the hospital. The following day he wrote and email and said “We messed up…”  I was impressed it was very sincere.

Starting last Friday when things started to happen and we began to become aware of the situation, his emails were great, my boss even commented on how his emails are great. I have made a point to keep work at work and home is home. I rarely check my work email at home. I sometimes do the day before going back to work after some time off to go through emails, but last weekend I was checking a few times each day. I had planned on not checking work email tonight [writing this on Friday] but the boss texted “check your email for a nice surprise”


I was thinking something like “so and so is bringing bagels on Monday” but this has blown me away! In addition to this we are not being charged for parking on the April 1st paycheck. Starting Monday we are allowed to park one lot closer from where we are, in order to move some closer [so they will walk in] + the Cambus isn’t as full, plus they are running more buses.  We are getting a 20% discount in our cafeterias.

I am blown away.  I didn’t expect anything extra and I wouldn’t have asked for anything extra. I was just going to continue to work as I was able, and I would have [+ will] worked / work extra hours if need be.

It’s been a very weird week. My phone barely rang, the emails were down by at least half, even though it was Spring Break. My boss is pretty laid back as it is, she doesn’t mind us checking our phones, answering a personal call at our desk. This week we had a few “meetings” that we just sat around – with plenty of space – and discussed how things were going, what was new, our feelings on it all. We watched press conferences from the White House, the Governor of Iowa, in house virtual town hall meetings.  I don’t recall being this emotionally spent.  End of fiscal year is daunting, prepping to open the Children’s Hospital was a lot of long days into nights and one anxious week prepping before “Day 1” but this week was so different than those.

It will continue to be, and likely more so each day with new cases, precautionary measures + direction from leadership / government.

It’s weird that my only person to person interaction is my coworkers. I’m really good at being a homebody, but now that I have to stay home… it feels incredibly lonely. I’m like what can I do… but in reality it’s the same shit that’s been on the list of stuff to be done.

I’m also trying to take care of myself, reading, watching some TV, a bath, naps.

If we all do our part, we can get through this faster…


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