Just need to get it out…

I feel better when I write because posting on social media stirs up a shitstorm.  I feel like there are a few different camps if you will on this. Some think it’s a media thing and nothing to be concerned about, some think they are healthy and don’t need to worry, some are listening to these suggestions [that thankfully have become Governor or higher mandate]

There’s a statement being shared form a school superintendent that I think is VERY important to read; I am paraphrasing, In the end, it will be impossible to know if we over reacted but it will be apparent if we did too little”.

I see a lot of the music world thinking this is a joke. While it sucks that they are out of work and cannot tour, they aren’t the only ones out of money from this. The venues, the lightening folks, the sound engineers, promoters, talent agents, and  I’m sure others I’m not even thinking of! But that is one group.  Do some really think that the government, at whatever level, is making this up? Do some really think that we are over reacting?

Yes, we’ve never seen anything like this before, but if we have the means to slow it down, and eventually stop it… why aren’t we? I do not wish ill on anyone, at all, but I’ve sometimes wondered if those who are of the mindset of “go on and live my life” and “this is a media thing” will change their mind if/when someone they know and love contracts it and is in more danger than just the mild symptoms. I sure the hell hope it doesn’t come down to picking and choosing which patients to help, but what will it take for them to open their eyes?

I replied to a musician who makes this all out to be a media hype, and let him know that people in healthcare are truly concerned, he sent me a nasty message back, that my opinion was dumb and I was wrong, to stop messaging him.  Sure I’ll gladly unfollow you. I firmly believe that a persons feelings or opinion is never wrong. Do I have to agree with it, no! That’s what makes us all unique  — we don’t have the same feelings, beliefs, ideas…

I’ve decided to only share some positive stuff, day to day stuff,  possibly important notifications, or nothing at all on social media but I’m going to keep my thoughts to myself outside of that, aside from here… as my audience is minimal.

Stay safe,


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