Why I am voluntarily self-quarantining

I work at the hospital in which we currently have one patient being treated for COVID-19. While I do not work in direct patient care, a bulk of my job supports those who are in direct patient care. I am one of the few who assists in ordering any and all necessarily items to continue best practices in patient care.

After work I got gas, and grabbed groceries from grocery pick up. Earlier in the day before the President declared a national emergency, I decided after I ran said errands after work I was going to voluntarily self-quarantine with the exception of work.  I realize I am considered healthy and if/when I were to contact the virus, I would likely handle it well BUT I can pass to others who might not be as healthy as I. Therefore, I am doing so to help “flatten the curve”.

I usually take it pretty easy on the weekends, save for some concerts and maybe a little shopping.  Much of the concerts are being postponed or unfortunately cancelled due to timing.  I didn’t have anything planned this weekend, save for a hair appointment. I rescheduled that as my stylist is expecting and I figure it was just wiser to hold off. My hair is the last of my worries. While I hate taking the business away from my stylist, her health is most important.

I don’t have any shopping I have to do or that I cannot get online; even if I have to pay shipping.  I have plenty of shows on my DVR to catch up on, Scentsy work to do, and as always plenty of books to read!

This image has made its rounds and is all over the news  but it’s why I am doing what I’m doing.



It’s going to get worse before it gets better. I posted this on my Facebook a few days ago and I stand by it:

The important thing to remember is COVID-19 travels at a rate of 3 where Influenza is at a rate of 1.2. Meaning, it spreads 3x faster.

Symptoms may take up to 14 days to appear [symptoms are like those of a common cold and / or flu and often mistook as such] — this is why most things are being halted / postponed / not having any spectators. It’s to slow down and contain.

I firmly agree with the restrictions and precautions. I feel like people are more than equipped with times at home and this stockpiling is a bit extreme, but I also believe in being prepared.  Be sure to check on you elderly family + neighbors, those whom are immuno-compromised, any of those at a higher risk. Help them if need be. Together we can combat this.


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