Friday 5 | 3.13.20

Five things or moments in my life that happened this week that I want to write about.

  • World Tour – STL
  • COVID-19
  • Cupboards + Pantry
  • Grocery Pick-Up
  • Surgery Follow Up


World Tour – STL:  On Friday afternoon I drove down to St. Louis, and stayed the night for an all day Scentsy training. For the first time in pretty much all my Scentsy events, I didn’t know anyone there. It was a great event, the drive back didn’t seem as long as the drive down. I was glad to be home and sleep in my own bed though. Kind of felt like a whirlwind weekend.

COVID-19: As you can imagine working in healthcare there are a lot of things that come into play with this. At first I was aware, after a few meetings a bit more cautious and concerned. I agree with all of the things in place – we need to slow and contain this. You can have it and not show symptoms for 4-14 days. It’s not about you so much as it’s about spreading to those who might not be able to handle it well. And, we simply do not have the resources; staff, equipment, hospital bed wise to handle it.    I know some are like “we’re babies, we just need to wash our hands” and then others are downright doomsday prepping.   I’m in the middle. I’m also employed by a hospital that has a COVID-19 patient admitted. We only have 500 tests in the entire state of Iowa. It’s grossly under tested. We are being proactive not reactive.

Cupboards + Pantry: I have a check list of things I’d like to ideally do monthly, and that includes cleaning out the fridge, freezer, cupboards and pantry. In light of COVID-19 I wanted to make sure IF or WHEN I were to have to be quarantined if I had enough food and such. I went through my cupboards, pantry, fridge and freezer and not only got it organized but took a good look at what I have. Again, proactive not reactive.

Grocery Pick-Up: For a few years now I’ve been following, mostly, the Dave Ramsey zero-sum budget plan. Pay attention to where my money goes, and where I “tell” it to go. One things that has helped is Grocery Pick-Up. A lot of times I wonder the aisles and end up with $50 more than I need in my cart. Doing both Target, HyVee, and yes even WalMart grocery pick up I am able to add things to my online cart as the week or weeks go on, then do an order when I’ve managed enough.  It seems to have helped with  my spending.

Surgery Follow-Up: On Monday I had my surgery follow-up as well as allergy testing [for the fourth time!] everything is looking great after surgery. Allergy testing went as to be expected. I had to have a blood draw as well, because I reacted to glycerin. Next appointment is in about a month


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