P4A — Win The Era..

I am breaking my rule of not sharing anything political on social media. Please remember I am in Iowa — we have had Presidential hopefuls in state for a year, year and a half! We are the first to caucus. You HAVE to come to Iowa if you’re going to run.

If you know me in person vs just reading my blog you might know where I stand politically, but you might not because I tend to keep it to myself. I own my own business, my parents own a business and I know the ramifications.

That said, I saw the news of Pete Buttigieg suspending his run this afternoon while I was in the drive through line at Culver’s today. I ugly cried. Straight up fucking lost it. I was so invested in this campaign, put my heart into it. Volunteering all the hours I was able. Caucusing. Sharing with those who wanted to listen but doing it in a way that was tactful.

I am gutted. I just watched his live remarks. I was moved by Chasten, when he choked up, I was in tears. I am always in awe of how well spoken Pete is. Maybe 2024 is the year of Pete. I don’t think this is the end of America seeing Pete [+ Chasten]. I’m hopeful that he’ll be picked as a VP.   I’ve told myself I’m done crying, but I’m not sure.

We need a change in 2020, and I am hopeful.


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