Friday Five | 2.21.20

Five things or moments in my life that happened this week that I want to write about.

  • Mom’s birthday
  • Busch not paying their promised $1 million
  • Surgery bills
  • Deva Curl lawyer retainer
  • Self care

Mom’s birthday: Sunday we went out to lunch to celebrate Mom’s birthday, that was actually on Tuesday. It was great, we laughed a lot. It’s one thing we’ve always done around the table, or anywhere really. At Mom’s we sat down and had supper together. We talked about our day. We had meals at a table. We laughed, we talked about silly things, about touchy things, we talked about death, and what to do with our bodies and organs after, we talked about sex, we talked drugs, we about it all. We were / are a very open family.  Sunday felt like that, but with Jill, and the kids all very welcome.

Busch not paying their promised $1 million: You might recall Carson King and his beer sign that turned into an amazing fundraiser for my work. He asked for Busch Light and they  jumped in and said they would match. He asked for it via Venmo — they too said they would match. All told, it was $3 million with the matches. Carson and Venmo’s portions of the donation have been made. Five months later, Busch still has yet to pay. They keep telling us “its in the works”. Most of you know that my job is purchasing for this Children’s Hospital in which the donations are going to. We’ve allocated the $3 million. Now… we’re reallocating the money.  The only people it’s hurting are the kids. If I had to guess, they likely will not pay. Shame on you Busch!

Surgery bills: I’ve received all but one of my EOB’s for my ear fiasco + surgery, but only two of the bills have rolled in. I’m quite pleased with how much insurance covered. Mostly because I didn’t go to the hospital in which I work at, I went to the “second’ tier I don’t think that’s exactly what it’s called but the concept.

Deva Curl lawyer retainer: If you are following my  DevaCurl controversy…  I filled out a link, to be honest I’m not 100% sure if it was to start the class action law suit or what… but I stated what products I used, let them know I had photos and such. I got an email back that said I could be represented, that they do not ask for a retainer up front that if I am awarded anything they take their cut from that, that if I agreed to sign. I figured what the hell do I have to lose.

Self care: Because I’m single and pretty much do whatever the hell I want, I kind of feel like self care isn’t really something I necessarily need to focus on, but I do it. A few years ago I took a Dave Ramsey class on Wednesday nights and “took the night off” my Scentsy business that night so I just got in the habit of that. I try to NOT go into my office in my condo on Wednesday nights. If I open up the laptop it’s for pleasure [that sounds weird to say]. I’ve gotten on this kick of taking a bath. Not for a super long time, like 30-45 minutes, just to soak. I don’t want to say it doesn’t do much for me because it does force me to sit still for a bit. I have been doing better at crawling in bed by 10ish… and being asleep by midnight at the latest, which is much improved than a year ago. I’m almost always awake before my alarm.   Now.. if only I cared enough about myself to like take up jogging?


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