Friday Five | 2.7.20

Five things or moments in my life that happened this week that I want to write about.

  • Iowa Caucus
  • Adenoidectomy recovery
  • Adulting
  • Work
  • Selling on FB Marketplace

Iowa Caucus: I wrote a bit more in depth about this here but I was glad to attend and participate. Shit hit the fan with the reporting, and it is not at all the fault of the precinct leaders + secretary, sometimes technology just doesn’t work.  I have unfollowed a handful of people on Facebook becuase this shit is just so damn polarizing. I don’t care if you vote one way or the other; but if a person aligns more with x party vs z it does not make them a bad person. Both sides are flawed. Why do we even have “sides”? Why can’t you vote for whomever you think has the most similarities with your beliefs?  I am proud to be from Iowa and be the first. I’ve volunteered on many campaigns and will likely continue to do so, but in such a divided world, I keep this all to myself or at least off any sort of public social media platform because of my Scentsy business.

Adenoidectomy recovery: I’m finally starting to feel better, my voice is less hoarse, the congestion is much better. I’ve hacked up a few scars, and while it’s completely nasty, it feels better after. I have noticed I’ve been able to sleep with my mouth closed; which is a huge improvement. Ahh, the little things!

Adulting: I seriously sometimes suck at this, and other times I’m proud as hell of my adulty-ness. It’s no secret that I am the worst at putting laundry away. I fold it, but it’s on my couch…  or sometimes I let dishes pile up in the sink, all they need done is rinsed off and loaded into the dishwasher. I just put it off. Finally last night I had enough. I put laundry away, and loaded the dishwasher. Why why why can I not just do this as it’s done vs waiting a week or more, or waiting until someone might stop in?

Work: I first want to say as a bit of a disclaimer, I love my job. I truly enjoy what I do. But lately everything is always such an ordeal. The “big” boss has been in a mood for the last year or so, jumping our asses for things that are out of our control. My main boss is quite fed up and it’s trickling down. We’re all feeling the strain.  My review was good, as usual. That sounds braggy, maybe it is.  I’ve just found that the last few weeks I’ve dreaded come into work. I work with some great people. I am with them / see them more than my family.  But I just haven’t  felt excited about it, or just not feeling dread.

Selling on FB Marketplace: I sold my old TV. I think I paid $295 for it, and on a whim I just said screw it and listed it for $125. What a mess that place is. All the info was in the description, but the questions came in “How big is it?” “Does it work?” One person had me incredibly creeped out. He asked all the dumb questions that were right in front of him. Then I finally just said I do all my pick ups at the police department, he said “no you come here” He lived in Waterloo. I just said no. Finally I was like it was not worth it. Then a kind gentleman messaged me, didn’t want to talk me down in price [which I totally was set that I’d take $75, but I just needed to list higher!] I met up with him Tuesday and got the cash, sold for full price.   It’s a pain in the ass to do this stuff, but worth it in the end.


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