Iowa Caucuses

I wanted to write my thoughts about the Iowa Caucuses.  I feel like if you know me you can likely decide which party I align with; however I’m choosing [for now] to keep my choice to private, but if you ask me I will for sure let you know! I just choose to not have it out there for others to attack my choice.

I attended my precinct’s caucus last night, and had great time. I got there about 6:15 and there wasn’t a parking spot at all + there is plenty of parking. I ended up across the street from the Rec Center. I was #64 when I walked in, and the doors closed at 7. We had 268 as the final number for the night.

I quickly went to the area of the candidate I align with. I quickly met kind people. As we were sitting there waiting for it to start and people were trickling in, there was an older couple who came over and said they were undecided but wanted to hear why we were caucusing for X candidate.  It felt good to explain why I am choosing whom I am choosing.

Once it started it it didn’t seem so organized, but it worked out. The longest part was the first count.  From there it was a little more unorganized due to viability. I wish there was a set time.  By the time it was done, to say I was shocked at the outcome is a bit of an understatement, but it felt like it was heading in the right direction.  I think I got to my car about 9:30 and home by 9:45 after swinging into Pancheros for a quesadilla. I had grabbed two subs when I ordered lunch and at one right as I was leaving a 5, but man I was hungry!

I was a bit disappointed to see that the app had issues so reporting was delayed, however.. we have all be part of an app being down + technology not working in our favor.  As of tonight at 8:30 the day following the Caucuses, I believe with 62% reporting…  there’s some impressive results.

I’m curious to know if I was part of the last ever caucuses in Iowa, that perhaps will move to a primary vs caucus.  I do know they offered satellite this year, but it still feels unfair for those who work at 7 on a week night.

I was glad I attended, it was much different than in 2016. I will continue to attend as many as I am physically able, proud to do my civic duty!




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