Friday Five | 1.31.20

Five things or moments in my life that happened this week that I want to write about.

  • Not finishing a book [Tears of the Silenced]
  • Surgery recovery
  • Kobe Bryant + others helicopter crash
  • Aunt JoAnne update
  • Deleting friends / Unfollowing people on social media


Not finishing a book [Tears of the Silenced]: I started reading this book [link here] as it was on Kindle Unlimited and it was about the Amish, which I am sort of fascinated by. But.. it wasn’t about the Amish, this family was pretending to be Amish. Yes there was a lot of abuse happening, but the children who were 16 and 18 when I stopped reading at something like 25-30% had many options to flee. It was all a bit far fetched, even if it was true… just didn’t all piece together. It’s been a while since I just quit a book, especially one I spent a handful of days reading.

Surgery recovery: Let me just say, everyone said this surgery was rough for adults to recover from and I just though “eh, no big deal, I’ve had a sinus overhaul surgery”. Well here I am publicly admitting they were right. I think after the adrenaline wore off after day one and two I was smacked with it all. Everything says day three and four are the worst, yep, they sure are! I stayed home Monday even though I intended to go back to work, and on Tuesday I worked a half day. My boss pretty much made me leave, which now was a blessing, I needed it!  Today I’m feeling much better but looking forward to a low-key weekend.

Kobe Bryant + others helicopter crash: I am not a basketball fan, but I know Kobe was beyond a star athlete. Yes the news is incredibly sad that he and his daughter lost their lives, but I have kept my mouth shut through it all because there were 7 other people aboard that flight who lost theirs too, why aren’t we hearing their names!? The Boston Red Sox posted a photo and GoFundMe for three of those onboard with the following statement:   “As many of you have read by now, a helicopter crash on January 26, 2020 in Calabasas, CA has claimed the lives of nine people. John, Keri and Alyssa Altobelli were among the nine victims. Most devastating to our Red Sox family, John, Keri, and Alyssa were the father, stepmother and younger sister of one of our scouts, J.J. Altobelli.”  Link here for a statement from the Red Sox Front Office. I know Kobe and his daughter were widely known, but I feel like the others are being forgotten.

Aunt JoAnne update: While I was recovering, my Aunt was moved to a nursing home – thankfully she has friends who were able to help her. As I was just one day post op and unable to drive due to meds, and one of my uncles was snowmobiling. They expected me to do it. She needed a cell phone, but didn’t bother worrying about it until Tuesday. All the while her friends were texting me “does she have a phone”.  My Dad has only called once, not really to check in about the surgery but to make sure I was going to do this and that.  I get it, she’s family, and I’m doing it willingly but a thank you would be great, especially when there are two uncles here that could step up. Sure they don’t want to do it either but I can guarantee my name isn’t going to be in the will.  I’m excited to go check on her this weekend, now that I’m finally feeling up to it.

Deleting friends / Unfollowing people on social media: In a lot of my life I have been simplifying things. Things in my closet, things in my kitchen, everything in my condo. Things in my Scentsy business. I’ve always used the Facebook birthday reminders as kind of a way to weed out people…  If I don’t really interact with them, I usually unfriend them. Yes, on their birthday but do they really notice? If they don’t interact with me, do they even notice?  This morning on my bus ride in to the office, I deleted 11 people. I think a majority of them I had unfollowed already, that was just Facebook. I’ve been doing a decent job of keeping things locked down on Instagram, but it’s incredibly freeing!

And here I thought I wouldn’t have 5 things to write about. This “prompt / series” however you want to look at it is really helpful. I love being able to get thoughts out!


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