Surgery is over + it was successful.

But let’s back up a bit. Tuesday about noon my Dad called and in a very weary voice he asked if I could talk. I knew immediately it was not going to be good news. My [great] Aunt JoAnne fell at 3:15 in the morning, knocked her head and busted her elbow. A neighbor took her to the ER and she was in surgery.  Dad and my uncle Kirt [her nephews] winter in Texas, so he asked me to go check in on her. This ended up turning into me caring for her.  It got a bit messy at first. I was not on the list — to be able to obtain medical information.   Something we overlooked, but should have known, something like this happened when Dad and Kirt were on vacation out of country in March, last year.

Luckily in the Surgery Waiting Area, one of JoAnne’s, dear friends, Ruth was behind me and asked if I was there to check on JoAnne, and together we were able to be granted permission for the day.  She was still in surgery, then going to a room.  Thankfully my boss is incredibly understanding and I was able to go back and forth – and she wasn’t too far from my office.

I was able to speak with the doctor, then went back to sit with her til about 8 that evening. I was back at 6 am Wednesday morning and met with the doctor. I met with the social work and continuity of care coordinator throughout the day and kept in touch with my Dad in Texas, and a few uncles that live in my hometown; but essentially I was in charge.  A scary but eye opening experience. I’ve learned a lot. I let them know I was going to be out of commission today and likely Friday, as well.

We’ve got her lined up for a nursing home for the next month or so, then we’ll transition her to assisted living – her choice.  All still very overwhelming to me. I’m grateful she has amazing friends. Hopefully I can talk to her tomorrow.  I stuck around with her til about 6 last night to make sure she ate, then I went home. I stopped to grab a few last minute groceries, the weather was kind of crappy but I was home by 7!

Back to me. Because of this I haven’t really had time to be anxious or worried about my surgery, which was a blessing. And luckily I bought most of the groceries I needed ahead of time. I am to be on a soft food diet for 2 weeks. I got the rest of my groceries last night, and got those put away, all my laundry put away [from the couch!] and cleaned up the bathroom, tidied up, and changed my bedding.  It was a good feeling to have that done.

I was up, showered and ready by 6:45 — we planned to leave a bit early because – again weather was not in our favor today. We got there a bit early but all is well. I was to have surgery at 9, but didn’t get back til about 9:25.

I was getting anxious. I told Mom that when they tell you that you can’t eat, all you want to do is eat – for some reason I was wanting enchiladas!  I hijacked Mom’s phone and took this silly selfie!

Pre-Surgery Selfie from my mom’s phone

I made sure to let them know I normally get violently ill, and wake up a bit combative and a bit vocal [namely cussing!] Not mean, moreso funny! 

The anesthesiologist was awesome, she said she’d make sure to add zofran to my IV when waking me up, and also put a patch behind my ear that would help. It worked wonders. They said I could leave the patch on until Sunday! I wasn’t even combative! I told the first nurse in the first post-op my Mom would be proud! She got a kick out of that. She said they put something in my IV to help with it, I’m not sure what but I’d guess perhaps something for anxiety?

When I got to the next / last post-op room to chill + eat ice cream + applesauce [it’s been a long time since I’ve had that!!] I took this selfie and posted to FB: Out of surgery. Kind of loopy. Everything went well! Also, be proud. I did well with anesthesia, no f-bombs!!!!  Also, mom shouldn’t have given me my phone. I will regret this.


I started to get a burst of energy… maybe a kick of adrenaline? I took some pain pills, and got to go home after about 45 minutes. Mom and I drove through Arby’s and got the white cheddar mac and cheese and a vanilla shake [that I gracefully spilled about 75% of it on the floor…] but the mac and cheese was yummy.  I didn’t think Mom needed to stay as this was night and day difference from my last few surgeries with anesthesia! I sent her home then crashed HARD!

I woke up about 3 hours later about 3:15… but it’s 6:45 now I’ve had another dose of pain meds and I’m not sure how much longer I’ll last. I’m pretty pooped. My throat is sore, it’s hurts to swallow.   I’m milking this for the rest of my life “I had my adenoids removed, it hurts to swallow.”   [even in 2038 they won’t need to know it was in 2020!]

As much as I’d love to stay up and catch the Grey’s/Station 19 cross over I’m not sure I’ll make it. My bed is calling. My voice is incredibly hoarse… perhaps a new side gig as a phone sex operator?

I’m able to go back to work on Monday but we will play it by ear. Soft food diet for 2 weeks. Yes, two weeks. My skin is extremely dry, my lips are super chapped. I bit my lip. I want to blow my nose, and clear my throat [two things I cannot do just yet] but honestly i feel like after a weekend of rest and laying low, I should be good to go back to work Monday. As me tomorrow after things wear off…

I had the most AMAZING nurses and staff today at the Ambulatory Surgery Center. I only saw my doctor / surgeon before surgery [well, when I was coherent!] but I like him, and Mom did too!  I had many friends check in last night and today, and I was able to text my close friends today after, and my boss and coworker to let them know all is well.  My good friend Clint, who’s fighting for his life with Stage IV colorectal cancer, had labs and chemo today, sent ME a text to check in on me. ME. Seriously this guy has a big fight going on and checked in on me. It was sweet.

I am a very lucky girl. Thank you all.


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