Friday Five | 1.10.20

Five things or moments in my life that happened this week that I want to write about.

  • Sunday road trip
  • Ear update
  • No plans
  • TV is back
  • Winter

Sunday road trip: At my hair appointment [mid-December] my stylists told me of this place in town [I drive to Kewanee, IL] that was a retail shop that was a liquidation sale type place, specifically she had a lot Target stuff, for great prices. It was closed before my appointment was over and I had a concert to get back to… but I had been talking with Em about it, so we made a little day trip out of it.  I am still [2 years later!] in search of an accent chair for my bedroom so I can put my sit under hair dryer behind it. It can’t be too high in the back, and I’d prefer it to have some sort of sides / arms but not be too skinny.  My preference is a grey chair / faint pattern.  I found one that MIGHT work, but it was $150… it seemed a little steep and the back was maybe a little too high for my liking.  I’ll keep looking. We had lunch at this place that was previously owned by PBR. The service sucked but the food was great!

Ear update: Still the same. My face still feels “dead” a few inches around my ear on my cheek, ear still feels like it needs to pop, and my hearing is still lacking. I am excited for my MRI, but the downside is having to wait until Friday for the results. Obviously more to come.

No plans: This entire week + upcoming weekend, I have no plans. Other than to maybe do a grocery pick up order, read, laundry and be lazy!  I’m excited.

TV is back: TV shows are starting to come back after the holidays. For the first time in a long time, I didn’t miss it. I truly had both plenty to catch up on, and plenty to watch with my Hulu + Live.  I swear I wish I would have done this a few years ago when I thought I wanted to cut cable… think of the money I’d have save. But I did it now and I’m glad.

Winter: It doesn’t feel like winter yet, and by feel I kind of mean temperature, but mostly mean it hasn’t snowed anything of real amounts. Nothing that would require shoveling / plowing. Sure the trucks have been out cuz of the snow / sleet and the temperature prepping the roads, but I’m talking like 4-8 inches. One of those big snows that makes everyone freak out and get to the store for milk + bread.



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