Ending the year + decade.

In years past I’ve written 16 things that stood out in 2016, or recapped 2017. I’m not sure I did that for 2018, and I’m not doing it for 2019 either. I think I’ve captured some of the big things here… I still need to do better. The year has come and gone, some good, some  bad.

I’ve never really been one for New Year’s Resolutions, I’ve always set some goals around my birthday, but this year even though I did fun things on my birthday, it was just another day and I didn’t really think about it.

I half ass picked a word the last few years, but it lasts for a good 3-6 months and then fizzles out. I have more of an idea in mind vs a word, but I think it’s more of a way of how I want to live, per-say vs a word/idea.

I wrote myself an email from work at 5 PM Friday just after I clocked out “note to self”  Here’s what I wrote, I’m just copying and pasting. [I did correct the spelling on a few things because I was typing fast]

everyday jess: Friday Five – 5 bullet points of things / ideas / moments that happened in the past week.  Start writing more, it doesn’t have to be a damn novel, just write.

life/home: Simplify things, declutter, use what’s in the cupboards, shop for some basics at Aldi, meal plan a little – yes, you can fucking do it, take your lunch a bit more often.  Keep on top of cleaning. Get new ID, figure out what is needed for adoption certificate [attempt to do this sometime in 2020!]. Passport. TSA Precheck?

health: Drink 1 glass of water a day, it won’t kill you, bet you even fill it up sometimes. Make appointment for ENT to figure out this ear infection stuff, make dermatology appointment for baseline, any other appointments for routine checks. Utilize that kick ass health insurance.

money: Plan out the flex spend [see above], flight for Salt Lake City, save money for Florida and SFR. Use the planner stuff you have. Re-read the last sentence, dumbass.  Continue to use KU, NL Library, set a budget for books.

scentsy/wj: Book flight to Salt Lake City, book hotel room [roomies?]. Continue ticket game? Make an appointment to actually get the back window done [wait til winter is over?] Continue with weekly inventory, weekly office tidy, monthly budget check.

It’s not all stuff that needs to be done on January 1, and the health stuff is moreso overall, not to lose weight. I gave up on that! I do need to drink more water, sometimes I suck at it, sometimes I do great! Mostly, just trying to do better.


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