Friday Five | 12.27.19

Five things or moments in my life that happened this week that I want to write about.

  • Ear Infection
  • TV Stand
  • Christmas
  • Flex Spend
  • Friday Five

Ear Infection: I woke up about 7:15 on Tuesday morning, hooray for sleeping in on a day off with zero plans, with horrible ear pain. I had some the day before but kept thinking it was allergy crap. The weather has been weird.  I got up, and went straight to Quick Care. I was checked in by 7:30, but 9 I was out the door, prescription picked up. This is ear infection number 3 of the year.  A bad one, she said. She said they aren’t frequent enough for a referral to an ENT doctor, but I think I’m going to just seek it out on my own I’m over it. At 10:15 4 full days of antibiotics in, I’m still not feeling so hot.

TV Stand: A few years ago I had showed my Dad a picture on Pinterest and asked if he could build me the TV stand, well, he did… kind of. He didn’t use the pipe and he used flimsy board. It worked for a while, but it was flimsy and didn’t hold very much. I had been eyeing something a bit more substantial on Amazon for quite a while. It was originally $300 or something, then the prices kept going down. I thought just maybe on Black Friday it would get down a little more but not quite where I wanted it.   On Sunday Mom and Joe came to help me mount my new TV, so I was moving all the other stuff out of the way and checked it… it was $149.99 with a $30 off coupon! I had to buy it! After taxes it was $127. I had just gotten some money from my Dad for Christmas so I figured I would use some of that. It was delivered on Tuesday — so even with an ear infection I got the damn thing put together and I love it.

This is the stand I bought: Industrial Vintage Metal and Wood Bookcase it still looks to be at a good price!


Christmas: Not really going in order but I had Parizek Christmas on Saturday the 23rd, I left there a bit early to head to First Avenue Club for that get together. Monday I left work at 3 to come home, change and head down to Wellman for the Brophy Christmas. Wednesday was at Mom’s. We just had a late breakfast, and the kids opened a few gifts. We, kids, got some big gifts. Mine was luggage – which we decided to have shipped to me. No sense in Mom shipping it to her, then me lugging it to my place!  We’re going to Florida [to the condo, not “our” unit because it’s not quite big enough for all 7 of us but 501] and likely heading up to Disney World for a day trip! For sure hitting up Myaka State Park to check out the gators and ride the airboats!  I was home about noon, and decided to take my tree down. It was 60 degrees out! Felt more like Spring.  I was feeling pretty worn down after that, so I fit in a nap.  I had to work the next day so I was in bed pretty early.

Flex Spend: I get x amount of dollars each year to spend of a specific list of things; while the list is somewhat broad it is also a little constricting! I kind of “hoard” it until about September then I get a bit more serious about spending it. It’s like I’m nervous about “what if”. My co-pays are pretty low. I have a few that are $25, but it’s nothing I could afford if I ran out of flex.  I think I’ve spent / submitted about 3/4 of it since November! I need to be better about this next year.

Friday Five: I tried to do some iteration of this in the past, and it didn’t work. I think I tried to put too much into it. I just need to list five things, moments, whatever that has to do with the week. I feel like this is something I could start a draft of and work on throughout the week, not that I need to do one bullet point a day, just as it comes up.  In hopes that it will help with me spewing thoughts out.


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